What does wink and point mean?

Blink at your cat - say scientists

When a cat blinks slowly or narrows its eyes, it is an expression of benevolence. In relation to their people, in relation to the situation - slow blinking is like the feline variant of the smile (read more about cat language here).

Many cat owners have long since noticed this. To show the Büsi that you come with peaceful intent, you can blink at it when you approach it. Often it even blinks back. Communication that works - between two very different species.

English researchers from the University of Brighton believe that they have now clarified whether this is really the case or whether it is just a matter of the subjective and perhaps somewhat clouded perception of cat owners due to the sheer love of busyness. They have shown experimentally that cats actually blink back.

Blinking creates trust
A first experiment showed that cats blink more often when their humans blink at them. If there is no interaction with people, they blink less. Blinking also creates trust: As the researchers found out in a second experiment, cats approach unfamiliar people significantly more if they first received a friendly blink from them.

The blinking interaction with the unknown person, as the authors write in the journal «Scientific Reports», either puts the cats in a fundamentally positive emotional state or the animals simply perceive the person as being friendly. Be that as it may, the findings could help to pay more attention to the welfare of cats - even in situations in which cats feel more uncomfortable, such as at the vet or in the animal shelter. However, further studies are needed to better understand the mechanisms of communication between humans and cats.