Is phone sex right or not

11 tips from the experts on how to loosen up while having phone sex

When it comes to sexting, you know how the bunny hopes and in case someone asks about it and you are unfortunately lounging on the sofa in your old sweatpants, you have a few sexy snapshots on hand. Yes, sexy talk may well take place increasingly over Whatsapp and Co. nowadays, but good old phone sex can also have its appeal.
Long-distance relationships are not uncommon these days and more and more couples find each other online, so a little bit of sex talk on the phone can definitely bring an extra dose of momentum to the matter. And even in a long-term relationship, the whole thing can open up completely new horizons. As sex operator Jenny Ainslie-Turner explains, phone sex is less a brief interpersonal exchange than a whole-body experience.
"People think it's just about dating & sexting: What can I write if I just want to flirt? Don't say dirty things," Turner told Refinery29. “What many do not understand is that the brain is the largest sexual organ in our body. The way you speak, breathe or sigh is decided directly in the brain. "
But don't worry if you're not quite familiar with the matter and dare to tackle the matter: We spoke to a few experts and obtained some advice for you. The following (fairly detailed) tips can certainly help you get things started.