What are the Worst WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes - 17 Bubbly and Refreshing Sources

This is an old post that is no longer updated. We have now developed our own WordPress alternative with Chimpify.

In my opinion, good web design is very, very important. In fact, it is essential for survival these days. WordPress themes are therefore the most cost-effective solution, especially for the beginning.

Once again I scoured the vastness of the Internet for you, I took a close look at every little corner to look for refreshing sources for high-quality WordPress themes. I was even able to find a few usable free ones!

But first of all ...

Why WordPress at all?

WordPress is the greatest blogging tool around the world. It is used by millions of people and seen by tens of millions of people every day.

It's free and it's open source. The source code is available to everyone and you don't have to pay anyone any kind of license fee - sounds great, doesn't it?

In addition, there is a helpful and hardworking community working in the background. Helpful, because you can contact the support forum with any question. Hard working because there are a multitude of developers of plugins and themes. These plugins make WordPress more than just a blog CMS (Content Management System). There are now entire shop solutions based on WordPress. I use WordPress for large websites with over 2000 pages and I have nothing to complain about.

Another point is the installation. This is child's play and takes seconds. WordPress can also be easily adapted to suit your own needs.

And if big names like Techcrunch, Mashable, TED and Smashing Magazine trust WordPress, then this tool simply has to be good, or?

What are WordPress themes?

A WordPress theme is the name given to layout templates or ready-to-use designs. With a theme, you have the option of changing the entire look of your website with just a few clicks (more on that later).

I used the stacked theme by Über-Designer Orman Clark for this blog myself and only adapted it to my needs - and for the beginning I'm completely satisfied.

Free WordPress themes - is that also possible?

Naturally. It's always free. As mentioned above, I was even able to get hold of some good, free ones. Take a look at:

But still, I am of the opinion that free can never match the quality, adaptability and scope of paid premium themes. Therefore, always buy premium themes! 😉

Where can I buy monkey-like WordPress themes?

So now I've talked enough, let's get started ...


I can definitely recommend ThemeForest. With over 5000 site templates and themes starting at $ 1, this is one of the largest, highest quality marketplaces.

There are not only WordPress themes, but also simple HTML pages, email templates, sales pages and Photoshop files.

Above all, talented people like Orman Clark or Kriesi cavort there.

I always buy my WordPress themes there. The quality is simply perfect and processing via PayPal is always without problems.

Mojo themes

Similar to ThemeForest, Mojo Themes is a public marketplace. With over 500 templates and themes starting at $ 5, this one too has a great source with lots of nice designs.


You can find over 100 beautiful themes and 200,000 users at WooThemes. The standard club membership costs $ 125 once and then $ 20 per month. However, there are other pricing models. The best thing to do is to take a look yourself.


ElegantThemes offers a small but fine selection of 76 premium themes. 100,000 satisfied customers speak for themselves. Here you can't buy individual themes, you just pay $ 39 every year and you can cover yourself up with as many themes as you want - that would be $ 0.52 per theme - bargain!


Somehow I see the ThemeShift banner ads everywhere. You will find 14 smart themes there. The prices are staggered:

  • 1 theme - 39 €
  • 2 themes - 59 €
  • 3 themes - 79 €
  • 4 themes - 99 €

Studio press

Studiopress is published by the well-known Copyblogger Media. At Studiopress you not only get themes, but also the super great Genesis Framework. Big names like ProBlogger and Chris Brogan swear by it. You can find around 48 themes for the price of $ 80 there. Or you can just buy them all for $ 350.


Themify is the Heaven theme from the well-known web designer & illustrator Nick La. He advertises with "Awesome WordPress Themes". After a look in the theme section, you will find 24 stylish premium themes for 39 € each.

Current Special: Buy any Theme, get any second Theme for FREE! - it's a great offer :).


When you visit ThemeFuse, a slider with various templates appears on a pedestal. I don't know why, but I'm really impressed by this podium, I like it!

In the theme area you will find 20 super chic, lovingly designed premium templates for $ 49 each. There's also a full package, all themes for $ 389 - that's $ 19.45 per theme.

Organic themes

The first impression of Organic Themes almost knocks me off my feet. Fresh, modern, chic. At Organic Themes you will find 18 fresh WordPress themes for artists, bloggers and entrepreneurs. The price for a theme is $ 69 - a little steep compared to the other providers.

Graph Paper Press

You can find 31 elegant WordPress themes for creative people at Graph Paper Press. The pricing model is similar to ElegantThemes and is $ 99 annually. You then have access to all themes, plugins, video tutorials and support. Or, you can hit the plaster right away and order the Forever Plan for a one-time fee of $ 299 and have lifetime access.


At WPZOOM you will find 48 nice premium themes. Here are again different price models that fit your wallet. The Best Value Membership costs $ 199 once and then only $ 9 per month.

Frog themes

Frogsthemes has a kind of weird name, but the themes are not weird, they are more modern and unique. You can find 9 premium WordPress themes at Frosthemes for the price of only $ 48 per theme.

ColorLabs & Company

You can find 39 cute WordPress themes at ColorLabs & Company. There are different packages and bundles. For example, an annual membership costs $ 59, which gives you access to over 25 themes.

Template monster

Template monsters have been around for ages, even before WordPress. But of course they jumped on the WordPress bandwagon.

If you are not looking for these typical WordPress or Web 2.0 themes, then take a look at the WordPress area of ​​Template Monster. The prices per theme are around $ 60- $ 70.


If you are looking for a German provider, then I recommend Elmastudio to you. The 6 premium WordPress themes look damn chic, are clean, of very high quality and state-of-the-art. And the whole thing for the price of only 12 €, you can't really complain about that. Clearly, Ellen and Manuel did a great job - we would like more! 🙂


Even if RocketTheme is more specialized in Joomla, it still provides a small source for WordPress templates. You will find around 35 premium WordPress themes there. Of course there is a club membership again:

  • $ 50 - 90 days - eligible for 2 installs
  • $ 75 - 365 days - eligible for 3 installs
  • $ 250 - 365 days - unlimited installs entitlement


Just like RocketTheme, the people at YOOtheme also tend to specialize in Joomla. But anyway, for the sake of completeness, there are also YOOtheme WordPress themes, over 30 to be more precise. The standard annual membership is 79 € and includes 3 licenses. There are other pricing models as well. Another nice piece of information is that YOOtheme GmbH is behind YOOtheme, i.e. also a German company.

A little hint

Make sure the themes are responsive. This means that if you stretch and shrink the screen, the elements adapt optimally to the screen. In this way you can be sure that you have an optimal display of the website on every device, whether PC, iPhone or iPad.

How do I install WordPress themes?

After you have bought and downloaded a theme, you may now ask yourself the question: "How do I install the theme now?" - as I said, this is very simple:

We have just installed WordPress and have the default theme:

Enter deinedomain.de/wp-admin in the browser line and log into the WordPress backend:

If you are logged in, then navigate to the left under Design> Themes:

Then click on the Install Themes tab and click on Upload:

Now click on choose file, select the theme in ZIP format and click on install:

After the installation you just have to click on Activate:

And if you go to yourdomain.de now, you will see your new, beautiful theme :).

But I would like a WordPress theme according to my wishes?

Of course, you don't necessarily have to buy themes. You can also dig a little deeper into your wallet and have a design customized for you.

But here it gets a little more difficult, you have to dig deeper. In order to find real talents (who are still reasonably cheap) I recommend designer networks such as deviantArt, Behance Network or Xing. Go there on a search, look at the works of the people and just write your favorites, I think you will agree :). I've already found some talents on this path.

Or, quite simply, you take a look at advertising agencies in Germany and hire an agency to do the work.


So, those were the 17 refreshing sources that WordPress themes gush from.

I am convinced of themes. For less than 100 € you get a wonderful design that you can easily install and adapt to your needs. Ok, it's not unique, but after a few tweaks, the web design should be more unique. You can always have an individual design made later.

And if you are not yet using a good design, get your premium WordPress theme now or order an individual web design.

What else should I say great now? Besides, have fun browsing! 🙂

I hope I haven't forgotten a high quality theme provider?

How do you feel about WordPress themes?