How does the RFID security gate work

Rfid turnstile / office building access control automatic swing arm opener

GOSSYSTEM swing turnstiles are one of the most efficient and versatile models in the GOS SYSTEMS range of security turnstiles.

An extremely durable access control turnstile that offers high traffic flow and reliability make it an ideal solution where a utilitarian product is required.

The robust design and use of high quality materials ensures uninterrupted operation of the GOS SYSTEM security turnstile even in rough conditions.

Swing turnstiles are still probably the most common type of turnstile and the type that most people use because they are used in so many applications including: train station, subsway, libraries, gyms, leisure facilities, shops, public buildings, etc.

sliding doors and retractable, swing and folding leaves. Equipped with a folding panel system, folding and sliding retractable. structure or body which closes the panels, the step and that, once received the order to open the swing towards the inside of the case is hinged, hinged or sliding.

for motor models one or both directions of passage (uni or bidirectional), commanded by each card reader, reader adjustment depending on the model in the same structure with placement of pictograms, etc.

photo solar cell system for, security and alarm. best for indoor or outdoor surveillance with minimal protection from bad weather. models with manual and mechanical lock, magnetic or electrical.

availability of special aisle width for the passage of people with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs.