How do thought tricks work

Mentalist circus: This is how the tricks from the Geller show work

Uri Geller is looking for "The Next Uri Geller". In the live show on Pro Sieben, ten “mentalists” compete for 100,000 euros. The viewer should be served mysterious, paranormal and supernatural. In truth, however, it is cheap sleight of hand, coded messages and other cheats on the "We love to entertain you" level. We'll show you how some hotly debated tricks work.

Golf ball instead of a heartbeat

Have you ever tried to stop your heart for 30 seconds? Probably not unless you are an Asian Zen master. David Goldrake tried it - and lo and behold - made it! Even if all imitators of this simple trick should be warned at this point, any person could do the same as the “mentalist”.

Take a golf ball and tuck it under your armpit. Put some pressure on the ball, squeeze the artery - whoosh, whoosh - no more heartbeat there. The devices only measure the pulsation of blood through the veins. Very easily! Should be known to you, Uri.

Blind guessing of objects

Or have you ever tried blindfolded to guess the objects of a complete stranger? It does not work? Magic? Hardly likely! Everything is very simple - and known.

Günther Jauch should know, after all Vivian Sommer and Olaf Kohrs were already with him and demonstrated their “tricks”. Coded information is the whole secret. There is a self-developed coding for many objects. The partner only has to choose an item in the audience for which there is a code. You can also learn how it works - in memory training seminars between the two of them.

Corax - the voice from beyond

But the man with the raven was best. What did the audience laugh at. What was it about? Vincent Raven, Swiss and “Lord of the Ravens”, claimed to be able to communicate with the hereafter through his bird “Corax”.

He could answer questions asked by the moderators about deceased people. Is it all Swiss cheese? Can it not be that "the bird has a WiFi router with otherworldly connection in mind", as a user of the Pro-Sieben forum suspected. It is more likely that entirely earthly technology was involved. User "Speedcake" explains the trick with the creepy ravens: "The box in which the letters are thrown has a double bottom. The three letters that are burned are three different ones. Therefore, he tells Jürgen Vogel again, that he should seal the envelope. Why actually? The magician has a "button" in his ear and his assistant reads out all the questions and numbers. " No raven can help either.

Uri Geller - cheating since 1974

Uri Geller has been "doing magic" in front of an audience since the 1970s. He not only manipulates spoons with chemicals to make them easier to bend. It can also stop clocks and "confuse" a compass. However, he apparently uses very simple, rather unspectacular powers for this.

A video recording from the predecessor of the “The Next Uri Geller” show can be found on the Internet platform "Youtube". The program was called "The Successor" on Israeli television. There it becomes clear that a compass in Geller's hand is made to run by manipulation, presumably by a magnet (watch out for his thumb). The super mentalist litigated "Youtube" - in vain! Why do you even watch this charlatanry and supposed telekinets on television? Well, it can't be hype every day of the year.