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Sunday question about the federal election (RTL, n-tv) 2021

Published by Statista Research Department on May 19, 2021
According to the RTL / n-tv trend barometer, 26 percent of the people surveyed would have voted for the Greens if the general election had actually taken place on the Sunday after the survey (May 23, 2021). Compared to the previous week, they lost one percentage point. The values ​​of the Union, SPD, FDP and Left remained unchanged.
For the first time since June 2019, the Greens overtook the Union in mid-April 2021 on the Sunday question from the polling institute Forsa. Shortly before, both the Greens and the CDU / CSU had decided on their candidate for chancellor for the federal election in September. The opinion research institute Forsa asks the Sunday question every week on behalf of the TV channels RTL and n-tv.

What is the Sunday question?

The Sunday question is used to determine what result a party would achieve if elections took place next Sunday. It is therefore an important barometer for the political mood. Sunday questions are regularly asked by various institutes on behalf of various media.

Election of the Bundestag in Germany

The election of the German Bundestag takes place every four years. After the last election to the 19th German Bundestag on September 24, 2017, the parties CDU / CSU, SPD, Greens, FDP, Left and AfD became part of the legislative body. The prerequisite for this is overcoming the so-called five percent hurdle. The federal government is meanwhile formed by the Union and the SPD. The next federal election is scheduled to take place on September 26, 2021.

Which party would you vote for if there were elections to the Bundestag on Sunday (May 23, 2021)?