How do I rename my Alexa device?

How to rename smart home devices in the Alexa app

When it comes to controlling smart home devices if you are using Alexa, you need to make sure that those devices are named correctly. Here's how to rename your smart home gadgets so that the voice commands sound a little more natural.

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First, there are a few ways to rename SmartHome devices. The first option is to use a device's app. For example, you can use a Belkin WeMo smart plug in the WeMo app to rename your smart plugs as you like, e.g. B. "Room heating", "bedside lamp" or whatever the smart plug controls. However, this isn't the easiest method to use when using Alexa.

Better to use the Alexa app instead, which allows you to rename all of your smarthome devices in one place. That's how it's done

First, open the Alexa app, then tap the menu button in the top left of the screen.

Select the “Smart Home” option in the menu.

You will immediately see a list of all your smart home devices. Tap the name you want to rename.

On the device page, tap the small ellipses in the upper right corner.

On the Device Settings page that appears, tap the Edit Name option.

Press the X icon or Backspace to delete the current name, then enter your new name for the device in question. Click Done to confirm the new name.

The changes will be saved automatically and you will be good to go! Remember, this will only rename the device on Alexa. For example, if you open the device's own app, the original name you gave it will still be used. If you rename it via the Alexa app, Alexa will only be told that "space heating" actually means "Smart Plug 2" (for example). So if you're using both Alexa and the device's app, rename them in both places.