Do Gemini have the same natal chart?

Mystery | The secret of
astrological twins

Berlin - Allegedly every person not only has a doppelganger who looks very similar to him - he also has at least one astrological twin! Astrological Gemini are people who were born under the same star and whose lives are often strikingly similar.

The perfect astrological twin is born in the same place at the same second. There are hardly any perfect astrological twins.

In the eyes of most astrologers it is therefore sufficient if you were born on the same day.

Ideally, however, the births should not be more than an hour apart.

The most famous pair of twins

Probably the most famous astrological twins are Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin. You were both born on February 12, 1809. Their natal charts, which are called “radix” in the astrologer's language, show interesting similarities. The sun, the ascendant and other important key points in the natal are almost identical in the two men.
Immediately, of course, you think that Lincoln and Darwin must have led two very different lives. The similarities are all the more amazing:

► One became President of the USA, the other a world-famous researcher. Both became "immortal" to history.

► Both lost their mother when they were very young. When Lincoln's mother died he was nine years old and when Darwin's mother died he was eight.

► Both chose very strong wives, Lincoln is said to have received slaps in the face from his loved one. Lincoln called his wife "Mother", Darwin called his wife "Mummy".

► Lincoln sailed the Mississippi as the "Riverboat Man" in his youth, while Darwin was planning his trip with the "HMS Beagle" at the same time.

► Lincoln eventually became a lawyer and had political ideas that looked rather unusual at the time. Darwin worked on his work "The History of Species" and messed up the existing worldview. When Lincoln moved to the House of Representatives in 1846, Darwin was just publishing the last of his books.

► When both were at the height of their careers, they became seriously ill. Lincoln was eventually killed in an assassination attempt, still ill. Charles Darwin remained ill for the rest of his life and never recovered.

► With both of them, all the “up and downs” were almost at the same time. Astrologers can explain every single phase with the different aspects and transits in the horoscope.

Coincidence? Or is it all in the stars?
British astrologers Peter Roberts and Helen Greengrass surveyed 128 astrological twins in 1994 and found astonishing similarities in hobbies and career choices.

However, no further similarities were found.
But astrologers are also convinced that the stars only indicate the possibilities and difficulties of a person. Everyone experiences their star constellations differently. In the end, human free will is still the most important issue.
A good example of this is the astrological triplet couple George W. Bush, Sylvester Stallone and the researcher Peter Singer. All three were born on July 6, 1946 and have a special Jupiter-Mars constellation in their natal chart. As president, Bush shares responsibility for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sylvester Stallone played "Rambo" and became a symbol of the Vietnam War. Singer, on the other hand, was a philosophy professor and was known for his sharp and almost militant views in the field of animal welfare.
Everything is written in the stars. The only question is what you make of it.

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