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Instagram: The Graph API now enables the planning and publishing of posts

Up until now, Instagram posts could only be planned using selected tool providers or the Creator Studio provided by Facebook. Instagram is now making this function publicly available and integrating it into the existing Instagram Graph API. This enables companies and developers to plan Instagram posts using their own apps or third-party applications and to publish them on Instagram.

The advantages of the Instagram Content Publishing API

Scheduling Instagram posts was only possible through Facebook's Creator Studio or through specialized, verified tools. The same goes for the publication, although the direct publishing of posts could of course also be carried out directly in the Instagram app.

With the Content Publishing API, companies can now use additional third-party tools or platforms, plan campaigns more easily and set up internal processes for publishing content on the platform of their choice.

Limitations of the Instagram Content Publishing API

  • Available for business accounts only
    The API can only be used to manage Instagram business accounts. You cannot schedule or publish posts for private accounts or for creator accounts.
  • No stories, IGTV, reels or videos possible
    Currently, only image posts can be published on Instagram via the API. The file format is limited to JP (E) G, which also excludes videos per se. Videos can still only be published via the API by verified Instagram partners and thus by a handful of larger tool providers.
  • No multi-image posts
    Posts with multiple images are not supported.
  • No tags & filters
    It is not possible to use the following options for a post
    - shopping tags
    - Branded content tags
    - filters
  • Limitation of the number of contributions within 24 hours
    Accounts are limited to 25 posts published through the API within a 24-hour period. This restriction only applies to posts sent through the API. It is still possible to create additional posts via the Instagram app or via the Creator Studio.


Access to the function to plan posts for Instagram and to publish them in a timely manner was previously only available to large software manufacturers and tools. With the publication of the Content Publishing API via the Instagram Graph API, Instagram has made many developers and smaller tool providers happy, as they can now integrate the automated publishing of posts into their apps. Unfortunately, the existing restrictions are very severe and the API is therefore very limited. It can be assumed, however, that the API will gradually be expanded and thus make more functions available.


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