What are positive crystals

5 gemstones designed to ward off negative energies

I think most people love gemstones for two reasons: because they think they look pretty on the windowsill and / or because they want to enrich their wellness routine and do something good for their psyche. Maybe you have a large selenite next to your bed to help you sleep better. Or they always carry a Kunzite with them in their handbag - for more self-love. Or you have a Celestine on your desk so you can work more relaxed in the home office.
In addition to gemstones that are supposed to bring positive things into our lives, there are also those that are supposed to keep negative things away. They protect us from evil spirits, bad energy and ominous thoughts. And the nice thing about them is that you don't have to believe 100 percent in their power for them to be effective. You can also easily use them as a visual reminder to be more optimistic and think. As a reminder that you can always pick up when you want to pause for a moment and think about your intentions, your goals and your values. Or you just use them to decorate your home.
The question that remains is which gemstone to choose - after all, there are an infinite number of these pretty crystals out there. To find out, we spoke to Sterling Bowen, an astrologer responsible for the app Sanctuary is working. More precisely, we asked him to recommend gemstones to us - appropriate to the current situation - that help us to remain calm and optimistic and that chase away everything negative for us. You can find his recommendations in the following slideshow.