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Mediation service for language and integration mediators



Sprint stands for SprOh and Intintegration mediator

Sprint are competent interpreters and cultural mediators at the same time

Sprint help to break down language barriers through culturally sensitive interpreting in educational, social and health care institutions

Sprint impart specific background knowledge to people with a migration background and the specialists involved

Sprint remove communication difficulties that are based on culture-specific peculiarities.

Sprint With their work they create the prerequisites for integration into all areas of social, cultural and public life



Albanian, Armenian, Arabic, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Dari, English, Farsi, French, Georgian, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Croatian, Kurdish - Kurmanji (Northern Kurdish), Sorani (Central Kurdish), Macedonian, Pashto, Persian, Polish, Punjabi,
Portuguese, Romany, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Czech, Turkish, Urdu, Hungarian, Vietnamese

We ask for your understanding if not all languages ​​can be covered at the time of your request.




Schools, kindergartens, daycare centers, after-school care centers receive support in communication between the school management / teachers / educators and the migrant families. These include conflict management in schools, drug and addiction counseling in schools, intercultural educational work, educational path advice, transition from school to work, intercultural project work, integration in schools.

Health sector:

In clinics and medical practices, SprInt support e.g. examinations, inpatient admission, clarification talks (surgery, anesthesia, etc.), anamnesis, in the therapeutic setting, but also with offices and authorities such as the health department.

In social affairs:

SprInt make an important contribution to smooth communication, for example in advice and support in questions of qualification and further training, unemployment, social benefits such as child benefit, housing benefit, education certificate. Furthermore, in the area of ​​action of women's shelters, communal accommodation, migration and refugee counseling as well as in other counseling centers in the social field.

Our customers include institutions such as local government authorities, the Saxon Education Agency, job centers, employment agencies, university clinics and independent, public and private providers.

Written translations and language mediation at events are also part of our range of services.


Here you can find the order form for your SprInt assignment:

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If you are requesting a language mediator for the first time via SprInt Leipzig, please contact us by phone or email before placing the order so that we can inform you about our conditions.

We are looking forward to a good cooperation!


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