What natural disaster happened in 2005

The great alpine natural disasters in Austria

Since the end of the last ice age of around 12,000 years, numerous natural disasters have left their mark on the Alps. Torrents have heaped up mighty alluvial cones, rock falls and rockfall deposited rock debris in large heaps. The Toma landscapes of the post-glacial landslides are particularly impressive landmarks. But there are also alpine natural disasters that leave less permanent traces in the landscape, especially floods and avalanches. Disasters of extreme magnitude have occurred repeatedly in the history of Austria. However, the exact time of the occurrence of individual catastrophes is seldom known. The "silent witnesses" in nature therefore need to be supplemented by the records made by humans. From this information, chronicles and time series can finally be put together.

Without this knowledge, only a small part of the affected population has a more precise idea of ​​the magnitude of natural hazards, the course of disasters and the extent of the potential damage. Documents and pictures of historical disasters are the best tool to raise public awareness of the risk posed by natural disasters. The representations shake you awake and create consternation. The following section contains a “Chronicle of the Great Alpine Natural Disasters in Austria”. On the journey through time through the history of these events, the reader immerses himself in a world of natural forces, destruction and human fate. On the other hand, history also points the way out of dealing with disasters and back to a “normal” life. The chronicle impressively documents the limits of protection. In the future, too, natural events will occur that cannot be controlled by humans: A look into the past in order to be better prepared for future disasters.