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The word of his life is perfection. But the exhausting thing about this intricate perfection is that it flutters so fleetingly through the world. Do you ever get it? And if you reach it at some point, in one of these so rare and completely successful moments, how can it be held on? Is there such a thing: the perfect résumé?

And if there is: How can a gay politician in the USA of all people live the perfect life and consequently become America's first gay president?

The candidate Pete Buttigieg, one of the four favorites in the field of Democratic applicants, aspired to politics early on and wanted to get to the top as a student. He discussed with his buddies whether his motives were the right ones: did he want to serve the community, or was he just looking for fame? If he answers honestly, it was both, he says in his bus that drives through New Hampshire, and that is usually the perfect drive.

He had girlfriends in school, secretly read gay personals, and didn't dare to say he was gay. He first had to understand it himself, he says today. He studied literature and history at Harvard, where people think liberally but live conventionally, and did not dare to go there either. He helped in John Kerry's presidential election campaign in Arizona and was certain at the time: "In politics, homosexuality is a death sentence for a career."

But when he moved to Afghanistan with the Navy in 2014 and at home, just in case, wrote the last letter most soldiers write before they go to war, Buttigieg told himself that if he really died he would have none loved once.

What kind of life did he lead? Nothing about it was perfect.

Pete Buttigieg is now 37 years old and married to husband Chasten. Chasten once raved about his Pete on Instagram: "This guy!" Since then, the couple has appeared discreetly humorous; On Twitter, Chasten revealed how the common surname can be pronounced injury-free: "Boot-edge-edge or Buddha-judge or Boot-a-judge or Boo-tuh-judge".

Pete was the mayor of South Bend in the state of Indiana from 2012 to the end of 2o19, his hometown, which has 101,000 inhabitants and a quintessential American charm, if you want to praise the straight streets like that, McDonald's next to Burger King next to Taco Bell, huge parking lots , and then you're out again. In 1851 the steam locomotive came to South Bend on its way west. At Christmas 1963, the Studebaker car factory closed, costing 7,000 jobs.

The city is known today for its university, Notre Dame, one of those US colleges for which the football program is no less important than the academic quality. Buttigieg's father Joseph, a migrant from Malta who died in January 2019 at the age of 71, was an English professor here, while his mother Jennifer Anne Montgomery was a linguistics professor.

Buttigieg's employees had no idea what the boss's sex life was about for years; they thought he was one "Bachelor", as bachelors are called in the US, and named his green Ford Taurus "chick magnet", and how do you translate that? Chicken catcher?

The climate in the USA changed. Homosexual homicides had been murdered in the late 1990s, and now a majority supported marriage for all. In 2015, after returning from Afghanistan, Buttigieg wrote in the South Bend Tribune: "I was a grown-up long before I was ready to really accept the simple fact that I was gay. It took years of wrestling and maturing for me to understand that it was just a part of life, like brown hair have a part of what I am. " He was rousingly re-elected.