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BPT 121 questionnaire

The Swiss learning program for the taxi exam

With the e.driver Professional program you are guaranteed to have optimal preparation for the taxi exam (BPT, Code 121)

If you want to pass the taxi driver theory test, e.driver Professional is the ideal software with which you can learn efficiently online. You have access to over 200 exam questions and lessons designed to provide you with the knowledge you need to take the exam. e.driver Professional is also available as an app for smartphones and tablets. This means that you can use this efficient learning program anywhere, even on the go.


The theory of the taxi exam is explained in an attractive way. Each of the 6 lessons is completed with a test and thus enables good learning control.


The test questions are very close to the exam. The program guides you interactively through all exam questions to prepare for the taxi exam and evaluates the answers for you. All questions are commented by exam experts and the answers are justified. With the adaptive learning system according to Sebastian Leitner you get a learning computer that repeats a question until it is correctly solved three times in a row. The dynamic query of knowledge gaps significantly increases learning efficiency.

Location requirements included

As the only learning program, e.driver Professional also shows you which requirements exist in various Swiss cantons and cities in order to be allowed to work in the taxi trade.

Web access

Via you have web access to all 200+ exam questions and lessons for aspiring taxi drivers. This gives you even easier access to all questions.

e.driver Professional does not replace the theory lessons with your driving instructor, but should be used as a supplement.


E.driver Professional also includes an app for online access via smartphone for all platforms. Whether at home or on the go, with the app you always have e.driver Professional with you and can prepare for the exam even more efficiently.

Guarantee of success

If you have not passed the theory test, you can extend your access for another 6 months within 30 days of the expiry of your 18-month access (maximum 3 years).
You will always learn with the latest questions and the latest version of e.driver Professional until you have successfully passed the theory test.

System requirements: All platforms. Web browser required.

The authorization BPT 121

Eligibility BPT - minimum age: 19 years
Professional passenger transport with vehicles of categories B and C or B1 and C1 or the special category F. Whoever wants to drive a taxi must have completed one year of complaint driving experience in the respective or higher category beforehand. As a taxi driver, if you pass the exam, you will receive license 121.

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BPT 121 questionnaire

BPT stands for "professional passenger transport". The code 121, on the other hand, stands for taxi drivers. Anyone who wants to transport people professionally, be it as a taxi driver or bus driver, has to pass demanding tests. Going through exam questions is good preparation for learning. The e.driver Professional / truck learning software also offers prospective taxi drivers a large number of exam questions and is therefore an ideal preparation for the taxi exam.

What does code 121 mean?

Behind this mysterious-sounding abbreviation is nothing other than the ability to drive a taxi. Before that happens, you have to pass the taxi theory test as well as a practical test. 30 questions must be answered correctly, a maximum of 3 can be wrong. The e.driver Professional / truck learning software helps you pass the taxi exam. Thanks to this large questionnaire and useful program functions such as personal statistics on your learning progress, nothing stands in the way of a successful taxi exam.

With numerous test questions to success!

Anyone who wants to carry out professional passenger transports must have a lot of responsibility and knowledge. And of course the prospective taxi driver must also pass the theory test.
In order to be able to pass this not very easy exam, you need good preparation. The learning software e.driver Professional offers everyone who wants to drive a taxi, among other things, a detailed questionnaire for the BPT 121 exam. The practical theory lessons presented also contain test questions with which you can test the knowledge you have already acquired. The comment function in the program helps you not only to answer the test questions correctly, but also to really understand them thanks to many helpful explanations.
Anyone who uses e.driver Professional not only has a detailed questionnaire on the BPT 121 taxi exam at hand, but also learning software that helps to learn the material in an intuitive way and to really understand it.

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BTP 121 questionnaire