Rihanna is Indian

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Here at the latest you cannot avoid the fact that Steven Soderbergh is only the producer of this film. Directed by his friend Gary Ross, who was able to tell of the uptightness of the fifties ("Pleasantville") and also managed the revolutionary pathos of the "Hunger Games" appropriately. But he is not one of the really cool big cats in Hollywood, you can feel that painfully. Perhaps one should have trusted the all-female principle here too.

In any case, the women Ross is now joining the team remain pale. The Indian goldsmith (Mindy Kaling) has an annoying mother - but which young Indian woman in the cinema wouldn't have that? The fence woman (Sarah Paulson) leads a double life as a suburban mom, the fashion designer (Helena Bonham-Carter) has high tax debts, the trick thief (Awkwafina) makes watches disappear from wrists, but says little. Finally, the hacker (Rihanna) is young, sexy and black, she has no other qualities.

By the way, anyone who is really good at computers has to be young and black in mainstream cinema in 2018. See currently also "Black Panther" or "Jurassic World". We are going to do that now, they have apparently decided in Hollywood to start programming in traditional modesty until masses of African Americans and to found the next Facebook. Then we made the world a little better again.

"Ocean's Eight", on the other hand, cannot really be saved, but at least the diamond plot begins now, the complexity of which attracts everyone's attention. There is no time to ask about the characters.

Of course, "heist movies" are always based on absurdly complex, wonderfully unrealistic theft scenarios. But Gary Ross takes this idea to the extreme. In essence, it is a matter of first luring a 150 million dollar diamond necklace out of a safe at Cartier, then placing it on the neck of an actress at the Met Gala in New York and exchanging it there for a perfect copy. Sandra Bullock is also interested in revenging her ex-boyfriend, and there are also a few surprises.

The spirit of clean womanhood does not blow through this work

But why does it all seem so terribly tame? Perhaps for the same reason that Matt Damon, who made a short appearance, was cut out of the finished film. He no longer fit into the dramaturgy, says Gary Ross. Perhaps the filmmakers have given in to the signatories of a petition from Matt Damon haters who wanted to see him banned from the film because of clumsy comments on the "Me Too" debate (mind you: not because of any assaults).

Anyway, you don't know. The spirit of clean womanhood, in which such petitions thrive, certainly also blows through this strange, timid work. But women who just don't want to do anything wrong - haven't we had that for too long? In any case, that is not the future.

Ocean's 8, USA 2018 - Director: Gary Ross. Book: Ross, Olivia Milch. With Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway. Warner, 111 minutes.