How important is perception management

Corporate communication

In corporate communication, it is important that the team is on the same page. Only then can external communication also function and, in the event of problems, scandals can be dealt with in a closed manner. A concept is needed for internal communication to work. How is communication carried out, with which tools or instruments? What is communicated to whom and when? What transparency is allowed and where are there weak points? For this purpose, employees should be drafted and the concept should be developed or improved on the basis of surveys.

Clear responsibilities are an advantage. Who prepares information? Who is distributing them? A central point is helpful here. Internal communication needs relevant and motivating content and that in a targeted manner. Offer added value by communicating additional knowledge, creating transparency so that employees have the opportunity to understand the company and get to know it completely. For example, set up regular newsletters or an intranet with regular blog posts about the company and the industry.

In corporate communication, the motto “internal before external” should always apply. This is particularly important in times of crisis. First the employees have to be informed about the situation and about the line that is to be communicated externally. This increases trust and loyalty to the company and equips everyone for external inquiries.