Let's move towards Instagram advertising

Place advertisements on Instagram - that's how it works

It goes without saying that Instagram Ads promote your brand. You want to know how to advertise on Instagram? How do you reach a part of the more than one billion people who use the Instagram app every month?

After Instagram was taken over by Facebook, the ads service started in 2013 with an insignificant number of advertising opportunities. It wasn't until 2015 that Instagram allowed advertising for brands and companies of all types and sizes, thereby creating enormous business advantages for advertisers.

There are two ways to advertise on Instagram.

  1. Simply advertise created posts, this is similar to the "Promote Post" option on Facebook. All you need to do is click on the "Highlight" button under the post and then select the desired action that should cause this advertisement. Here you can choose between “Visit your website” and “Call or visit your company”. Then you choose the target group and the maximum budget. However, I will not discuss this option any further because, in my opinion, it is not efficient.
  2. Since Facebook bought Instagram, it has been possible to place advertisements using the Facebook tool and thus access the gigantic amount of user information on Facebook in order to address your target group directly.
    You can use the ad manager for this. What do you need for that?
    Basically, you don't even need an Instagram account to place your advertisements on Instagram. It is still recommended for the following reasons:
  • if you don't have an account, you're sacrificing brand awareness
  • without the account you cannot respond to comments that are posted there
  • if your Facebook username is too long, the name could be abbreviated to "..." on Instagram, which looks bad
  • if you do not have an Instagram account, you cannot use a mobile device to check exactly how your advert will look on Instagram

That's why you should create an Instagram account and connect it to Facebook!

The Instagram account can be connected to Facebook in the ad manager at the point where the ad was created. The ad manager is available on desktops and mobile devices.

Advertise on Instagram with your own user account

Suppose you already operate an Instagram channel and are at least partially familiar with the ad manager.
You can display your advertising in various formats and in various places.

Instagram ads types

  • Stories Ads
  • Photo Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Collection Ads
  • Ads in Explore

these formats can either be placed on Instagram “Feed”, “Stories” or “Explore”. Instagram provides various call-to-actions with which you can reach more potential customers.

  • Instagram feed posts are the "normal posts"
  • Instagram Stories are photos, boomerangs * or videos that automatically disappear 24 hours after publication. (* Boomerangs - are short videos that move back and forth like a boomerang.)
  • Instagram Explore enables feed ads to be played out to Instagrammer who not only want to follow their old accounts, but also want to see and experience new things.

Basically, Instagram Ads are served like Facebook Ads.

  • Call up ad design in Business Manager via Facebook
  • Select a corresponding advertising target that supports Instagram advertisements via the "campaign level".
  • Under the item "Set target group and budget", the target group as well as budget and schedule can be set in the Ads Create Tool.
  • In addition, the appropriate advertisement should be selected.
  • In the "Advertisement" section, a Facebook page must first be added
  • Under "Instagram account" you can see that the page you added was automatically selected as the platform for your advertisements on Instagram.
  • Before placing the order for the ad, make sure the box next to Instagram is checked in the Ad preview section of creating an ad. This will ensure that your ad is ready to run on Instagram.

Even without your own Instagram account, you can easily place advertisements on the popular platform.

In order to make the most of all the possibilities Instagram offers, to get in touch with your community and to represent your company without restrictions, it is essential to create your own user profile. We would be happy to help you set up your own Instagram account or do this for you. Write us.

What do Instagram Ads cost?

The exact cost of an Instagram ad depends on the case (not all ads are created equal), but it can be said that the average CPC (cost per click) for advertising on Instagram is between $ 0.70 and $ 0.80 (63 to 72 euro cents). How much your ad will cost depends on a number of factors. For example, the costs fluctuate depending on the age of the selected target group and placement. In particular, the time of year is an important factor, so the CPC increases as the year progresses.

How to determine the right Instagram ad format for your business

Choosing the best format for your Instagram advertising depends on your goals. When creating an Instagram ad through the Facebook ad manager, you can choose from the following goals:

  • Brand awareness: Present your brand to a new audience.
  • Reach: Show your ad to as many users as possible.
  • Traffic: Increase traffic to your website or app in the app store.
  • App installs: Encourage users to install your app when they see your ad.
  • Interactions: Increase the number of comments, likes, shares, commitments for events and take advantage of special offers.
  • Video Views: Get more people to watch your video content.
  • Lead Generation: Gather data from potential customers who click on your ad.
  • Messages: Get more people to contact your company.
  • Conversions: Increase the number of purchases and signups on your website or app.
  • Catalog Sales: Show users ads for products from your Facebook product catalog.
  • Store Visits: Drive traffic to your physical stores.

First, find the goal that makes sense for your company and make sure the format you choose is in line with your goals!

  • For more brand awareness, it is better to avoid collection ads as they are designed to sell products directly. Take it instead Photo or video ads with a CTAwhich leads the users directly to your website. In this way you can increase the level of awareness of your brand with convincing content.
  • Around Distribute products are Collection Ad ideally suited, so users can shop products directly from the ad.
  • To the Distribution of multiple products, areCarousel Ad the right format because you can use it to show several fascinating images of your products.

Targeting - You decide who you want your ad to reach.

Determine your target audience. Facebook offers a range of reliable targeting options that go well beyond typical demographics like age, gender, and location. You can even choose your target audience based on the criteria of whether their members:

  • interacted with your content
  • Visited your website
  • follow a specific Facebook group or page
  • Downloaded your app
  • Have viewed your videos
  • Subscribed to your newsletter

So can you Tailor advertising copy and messages precisely to your potential customers.

Choose your ad placements

There are two options:

  1. Automatic placements: Your ad will be displayed to the target audience where the best results can be expected. In general, it is recommended to run ads on both Facebook and Instagram.
  2. Edit placements: Here you can choose where your ad should appear. For example, if you want it to only appear in Instagram Stories or the Instagram feed, then you can choose this placement type.

You can only select "Mobile Devices" as a targeting option for advertising on Instagram.

Set a budget and schedule

Decide between a daily budget (with a definition of the daily maximum costs) or a term budget (with a start and end date). You can also choose whether your ads are always shown or only at certain times of the day. (!!!Sunday is the most expensive day for advertising on Instagram !!!)With a new account, you can only enter € 45.77 as a daily maximum at the beginning.

Create your Instagram ad

A picture is worth a thousand words - this is especially true for Instagram, because you are not allowed to use that many words in advertising. The number of characters for your captions is limited to 2,200 characters for most posts.

Hashtags are a booster

The "#" are not just appendages and gimmicks - their effect should not be underestimated. Hashtags in Instagram posts maximize engagement rate by an average of 12.6 percent. You can use 30 hashtags per post in postings. Instagram limits usage to ten in Stories. Quality takes precedence over quantity. You should only use hashtags that are relevant to your target group and widespread in your industry.

Test your advertising - get creative

Experiment with different ad formats and different campaigns, as well as with different advertising texts and images in one and the same campaign. Test which CTA leads to more conversions for your campaign. The ad manager offers the option of an A / B test and shows you which variant works better.

Do you have any questions about advertising on Instagram? Do you need help? We are happy to support you with your campaign and can take care of your advertising from planning, graphics, advertising creation to reporting. Feel free to write to us if you need help with Instagram advertising.

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