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Dictionary Lidepla - German

Edition 1.2, status: 2015-03-12

Short grammar - German (with pronunciation)

Preliminary remarks

1. This is a Lidepla – German dictionary, based on the Lidepla-English dictionary Edition 1.2. red highlighted entries were added after the publication of Edition 1.2, crossed out are omitted. More information at wiki.lidepla.info. General information about Lidepla can be found at: wikipedia.

2. The origin of a word is only occasionally noted; usually only one language of origin is given. Often the word roots appear in several languages, e.g. B. the word "kitaba" comes from Arabic, but the root also exists in Turkish, Hindi and some other languages. In addition, the given word origin is not always the original. For example, “Turkish” appears under the words “banka” and “dolar” not because they originally come from Turkish, but because they have the same form in Turkish as in Lidepla.

3. Often several German terms are separated from each other by commas. These terms narrow the meaning and try to avoid ambiguity, e.g .:

onhev - have (zwo) on, wear (Dress)

It is therefore clear that "onhev" cannot be used in sentences like "He cannot harm me." or "I carry the books." is used, but in sentences like "I'm wearing blue pants." or "I'm wearing blue pants." If, on the other hand, German terms are separated by semicolons, there are different meanings.

4. I am neither a linguist nor an expert and I do translation in my spare time. This dictionary therefore certainly still contains a number of errors and ambiguities. To reduce this, I'm up your help reliant. Corrections, additions to terms, example sentences, meaningful cross-references, other constructive criticism, please (in German, English or Lidepla) to me: haripeker (at) gmx.de.

Grammatical abbreviations

exclamiexklami-partikla (interjection)
grammaticsgrammatika-partikla (grammatical particle)
gramatika-komogramatika-partikla (grammatical particle) or komo-worda (adverb)
inplas-komoinplas-komo-worda (word that replaces an adverb)
inplas-kwantoinplas-kwanto-worda (word that replaces a numeral)
inplas-kwelinplas-kwel-worda (word that replaces an adjective)
inplas-kwoinplas-kwo-worda (word that replaces a noun)
komokomo-worda (adverb)
konektikonekti-partikla (preposition)
konekti-komokonekti-partikla (preposition) or komo-worda (adverb)
konekti-syaokonekti-partikla (preposition) or syao-worda (affix)
kwantokwanto-worda (Numeral)
kwelkwel-worda (adjective)
kwestikwesti-worda (question word)
kwokwo-worda (noun)
loko-komoloko-komo-worda (adverb of the place)
modus-komomodus-komo-worda (adverb of the way)
stasta-worda (word that describes the state, e.g. modal verb)
syaosyao-worda (affix)
syao-gramatikasyao-worda (affix) or gramatika-partikla (grammatical particle)
syao-komosyao-worda (affix) or komo-worda (adverb)
taim-komotaim-komo-worda (adverb of time)
unisiunisi-partikla (conjunction)
twotwo-worda (verb)


a - 1) (konekti) to, to (Direction)see versu
go a shop - go to business
lai a dom - return home
returni a janmalanda - return to the home country
a oli taraf - in all directions
2) (konekti)Dative ("whom case")
a yu - to you
a may amiga - my friend
shwo a swa - say to yourself
Me ve rakonti a yu om to. - I'll tell you about it.
3) the letter A.

aa - (exclami) ah, oh (Expression of understanding / recognition)see also: ah
is written with two letters to distinguish it from the conjunction a, but pronounced the same
Aa it yu! - Ah it's you!
Aa, me samaji. - Oh I understand.

abat - (kwo) Abbot, chief
abatguan - (kwo) Abbey see: guan

abeta - (kwo) fir tree (bot.)

abisma - (kwo) abyss, chasm

ABNEGI - (zwo) renounce, give up sth
Lu abgeegi-te fuming. - He gave up smoking.
ABNEGA - (kwo) renunciation, rejection, rejection

aboli - (zwo) dismantle, abolish
abola - (kwo) abolition, elimination

abordaja - (kwo) board (a ship)

aboriginal - (kwel) aboriginal
aborigena - (kwo) native, native

abrevi - (zwo) abbreviate (Word); shorten (Book, text)
abreva - (kwo) abbreviation (Word, text)
abreven (abrevi-ney) - (kwel) shortened
abrevem (abrevi-nem) - (komo) in a shortened form
abrevitura - (kwo) acronym, acronym

abrupt - (kwel) abruptly, abruptly Syn .: krute

absente - (kwel) absent
absensia - (kwo) absence

abses - (kwo) abscess, ulcer, boil

absolute - (kwel) absolutely
absolute - (komo) absolutely, completely
absoluta - (kwo) absolute

absorbi - (zwo) absorb, ingest, steam, consume
Gunsa absorbi ta. - The work consumes him / her.
absorba - (kwo) absorption

abstracti - (zwo) abstract
abstracta - (kwo) abstraction
abstract (abstracta-ney) - (kwel) abstained from Ant .: concrete

absurd - (kwel) absurd, absurd
absurd - (kwo) absurd
absurditaa - (kwo) absurdity, absurdity

abundant - (kwel) abundant, productive
abundant - (komo) plentiful, generous, in abundance
abundansia - (kwo) abundance, abundance, abundance

abyas - (kwo) habit, custom, custom
pa abyas - out of habit
hev abyas - have the habit
abyas-ney - (kwel) common, habitual see also: pinchan
abyas-nem - (komo) ordinary, habitual
abyasi - (zwo) get used to it
mah koywan abyasi a koysa - to get sb. Used to sth
abyasen (abyasi-ney) - (kwel) used to (a koysa - to something)
abyasen a mushkila - used to difficulties

acha - (kwo) ax

adapti - (zwo) adapt, adapt
adapta - (kwo) adaptation
adapter - (kwo) adapter
adaptibile - (kwel) adaptable
adaptibilitaa - (kwo) adaptability, adaptability

adar - (loko-komo) there, there see: a, dar
Bu go adar. - Don't go there.

adi - (zwo) add cf.aditi
ada - (kwo) surcharge, addition
adiwat - (kwo) additive
adike - (kwel) additionally

aditi - (zwo) add up, sum up (math.)see adi
adita - (kwo) addition (math.)

adle - (kwel) noble
adla - (kwo) nobleman
adlitaa - (kwo) nobility

administri - (zwo) administer, regulate, manage
administra - (kwo) administration, management (as an activity)
administrasion - (kwo) administration, administration, authority (as an institution)

admiral - (kwo) Admiral

admiri - (zwo) admire, appreciate, adore
admira - (kwo) admiration
admirival - (kwel) admirable
admirer, admiri-sha - (kwo) admirers, admirers

admiti - let in (zwo)
admita - (kwo) entry, admission, admission
noadmitibile - (kwel) inadmissible

adopti - (zwo) accept, take over
adopta - (kwo) acceptance, takeover

address - (kwo) address
adresi - (zwo) address, address
addressing - (kwo) addressing; Speak to

adults - (kwel) grown up
adulta - (kwo) adult
adulto - (kwo) male adult
adultina - (kwo) adults

adyoo - (exklami) Goodbye! Goodbye Adieu!
(kwo) Farewell
shwo adyoo, fai adyoo - to say goodbye
al fai adyoo - the farewell

adyutanta - (kwo) adjutant

afisha - (kwo) poster, placard
afishi - (zwo) poster

aflui - (zwo) flow towards, flow towards see: a, flui
afluisa - (kwo) high tide; Influx, influx
afluisa e defluisa - High and low tides, tides

afsos - (kwo) regret, pity
pa afsos - unfortunately, unfortunately
afsosi - (zwo) regret, pity
afsos! - (exklami) Oh, unfortunately! It is a pity!
afsos-ney, afsosival - (kwel) unfortunately, bad, regrettable, pitiable

afte - (konekti) after; after this
afte yu - after you
afte to - after that
un afte otre - one after the other
afte vidi - having seen
afte tri dey - after three days
afte un ora - after one hour
aften - (taim-komo) afterwards, later, afterwards
Nu nadi ke aften ve ye meno gwer in munda. - We hope that there will be fewer wars in the world later.
Nu he discusi se olo aften. - We discussed all of this afterwards.

aftechi - (zwo) eat something after drinking see: afte, chi
Ta pi un glasakin vodka e aftechi bay marinaden gurka. - He / she drank a glass of vodka and then ate pickled cucumbers.

agenda - (kwo) agenda, program, agenda

agenta - (kwo) agent
agentaguan - (kwo) agency

agiti - (zwo) stir up, excite
agites (agiti-ney) - (kwel) excited, enthusiastic
agita - (kwo) excitement, restlessness
agitasion - (kwo) agitation (shaking up the public interest)

agni - (kwo) fire
agnibeda - (kwo) fire (accident)
agnibrigada - (kwo) fire brigade
agninka - (kwo) spark
fai agninka - (two) spray sparks
agniyuan - (kwo) fireman
agni-luma - Glow, glow
agni-ston - Flint
agni-ney - (kwel) burning, glowing, fiery
agnisi (mah-agni) - (zwo) burn

agra - (kwo) Acker, Feld see felda
agralanda - (kwo) agricultural land, rural area
agrajen - (kwo) farmer Syn .: kisan
agriculture - (kwel) agricultural

agravi - (zwo) irritate, aggravate, aggravate cf. vexi
agrava - (kwo) aggravation, aggravation

agresi - (zwo) be aggressive; Feel aggression
agresa - (kwo) aggression
agresive - (kwel) aggressive
agreser - (kwo) aggressor

agrisha - (kwo) gooseberry (bot.)

agude - (kwel) sharp
agudisi (mah-agude) - (zwo) sharpen

agudmente - (kwel) witty, witty see: agude, menta
agudmentanik - (kwo) witty person
agudmentika - (kwo) witty remark, bon mot
agudmentitaa - (kwo) intellectual agility, understanding, esprit

Ah - (exclami) ah, ah (expresses strong feelings)see also: aa
fai ah - (zwo) sigh of surprise

ahaa - (exclami) aha

ahak - (kwo) lime

ahfi - (zwo) hide, hide
ahfi swa - to hide oneself
ahfi-geim - Hide and seek
ahfilok - (kwo) hiding place
ahfem (ahfi-shem) - (komo) hidden, hidden
ahfishil - (kwel) secret, closed
buahfen (buahfi-ney) - (kwel) uncovered, open
ahfi-go - (zwo) sneak
ahfi-kan - (zwo) look furtively

ahir - (loko-komo) here see: a, hir
Lai ahir. - Come here.

ahmak - (kwo) fool syn .: stupida

ahuki - (zwo) caught, get stuck see: a, huk
May palto ahuki a naga e tori. - My coat got stuck on the nail and tore.

aida - (exklami) let's go, come with me (Invitation to a common goal)
Aida a riva! - Let's go to the river!
Aida fo yabla! - Let's get apples!
Turkish, Slavic

aika - (modus-komo) right, pretty
aika hao - pretty good

aira - (kwo) air
aira-kastela - Castle in the air
airaportu - (kwo) airport

ais - (kwo) ice cream
ais-lenge - freezing
ais-ney - (kwel) icy
aiskrem - (kwo) ice cream
aisifa - (kwo) icing

aivi - (kwo) ivy

ajibe - (kwel) strange, strange, strange, strange see also: astoni-she, nopinchan, strane

ajile - (kwel) agile, nimble, lively
do peda ajile - light-footed
do menta ajile - with a lively spirit
ajilitaa - (kwo) agility, agility
ajilisi (mah-ajile) - (zwo) perk up

ajorni - (zwo) postpone, postpone see deri
ajorna - (kwo) postponement, reprieve

ajusti - (zwo) adjust, match, set
ajusti kloka, ajusti radio - set the clock / set the radio

AKAbbreviation forafte Krista(A.D.)

academia - (kwo) academy
akademiayuan - (kwo) academician

akauda - (kwo) »@« (spider monkey) see also: kauda

akaunta - (kwo) bank account; Subscription to a service provider

aklami - (zwo) cheer
aklama - (kwo) cheers, applause

akompani - accompany (zwo)
Ob yu akompani me a dom? - Will you take me home with me?
akompana - (kwo) accompaniment, allegiance

akorda - (kwo) chord (mus.)

accordion - (kwo) accordion, concertina (mus.)

akre - (kwel) hot, bitter, biting

acrobat - (kwo) acrobat

akseleri - (zwo) also accelerate: mah-kway, fa-kway
akselera - (kwo) acceleration

aksenta - (kwo) emphasis, tone of voice cf. stres
aksenti - (zwo) emphasize, emphasize, see also: emfasi

aksepti - (zwo) accept, accept
aksepta - (kwo) acceptance, consent
aksepter - (kwo) acceptor, recipient

akses - (kwo) access, access (to)
aksesi - reach (zwo), access sth
aksesibile - (kwel) accessible, attainable

aksham - (kwo) evening syn .: suryalwo, tardeAnt .: sabah
klok pet de aksham - five in the evening
sey aksham - tonight (this) evening
manya aksham - tomorrow evening
akshamfan - (kwo) dinner

aksia - (kwo) share

aksidenta - (kwo) accident, misfortune, mishap
aksidente (aksidenta-ney) - (kwel) related to the accident

acti - (zwo) act, act
acta - (kwo) act, act; action
fai akta fo / contra koysa - take an action for / against sth
acting - (kwo) action (mode of operation, function; effect)
active - (kwel) active
aktivesa - (kwo) activity, employment
aktivitaa - (kwo) activity (general)
aktivisi (mah-active) - (zwo) activate
aktivisa - (kwo) activation
activista - (kwo) activist

assets - (kwo) assets (financial.)

actuator - (kwo) actor
aktoro - (kwo) male actor
aktorina - (kwo) actress

update - (kwel) actually, actually, currently see real
updates (mah-updates) - (zwo) realize, realize

actum - (kwo) act (Theater; legal text)

akumuli - (zwo) accumulate, accumulate
akumula - (kwo) accumulation, accumulation

akusi - (zwo) accuse, accuse
akusa - (kwo) accusation, accusation

akwa - (kwo) water
akwe (akwa-ney) - (kwel) water ..., related to water
akwish - (kwel) watery, watered down

akwalwo - (kwo) waterfall see: akwa, lwo

akwarium - (kwo) aquarium

akwatuber - (kwo) plumber, plumber see: akwa, tuba

akwiri - (zwo) to acquire, to acquire Syn .: gwin
akwira - (kwo) acquisition, procurement

al - (konekti) when sth. Is done while, at, under (Simultaneity, circumstances)
al suryachu - at sunset
al ke me kuki - while I cook
al bakdao - on the way back
al klosi-ney dwar - with the door closed
al sey halat - Under these circumstances
al un-ney kansa - at first glance
al shwo om se - while it is being talked about
"Hao", ela shwo al smaili. - "Good," she said while smiling.
al nau - at the moment, at the moment

ala - (kwo) wings, wings

alarma - (kwo) alarm
aira-alarma - Air alert
alarmi - alert (zwo)
alarmifi (fa-alarmi) - (zwo) be alarmed
alarmi-ney - (kwel) alarmed, worried

alauda - (kwo) lark (zool.)

albatross - (kwo) albatross (zool.)

album - (kwo) album

alee - (kwo) path, path with rows of trees (in a garden, park, etc.)

alegre - (kwel) happy, funny, happy, lively
alegritaa - (kwo) happiness, serenity

alfabet - (kwo) alphabet
segun alfabet - according to the alphabet, alphabetically

alga - (kwo) Alga (n): seaweed, seaweed, dulse etc.

algebra - (kwo) algebra

algoritma - (kwo) algorithm

aliansa - (kwo) Alliance, alliance
politike aliansa - political alliance
alianser - (kwo) partner, ally

alibi - (kwo) alibi, excuse

alif - (kwel) tame, harmless

aligi - (kwo) attach, attach, add see: a, ligi
aligi fail a leta - Attach a file / file to the letter

alkali - (kwo) alkali
alkali-ney - (kwel) alkaline

alcohol - (kwo) alcohol

almu - (kwo) alms, gift

along - (konekti) along
go along gata - walk down the street
along riva - along the river

so - (unisi) therefore, therefore, thus, consequently see also: ergo

altaimi - (zwo) update, modernize see: al, taim

altar - (kwo) altar

alternative - (kwel) alternatively
alternatively a - (kwo) alternative, substitute

alterni - (zwo) (alternate) alternate
alterna - (kwo) change

amasi - (zwo) knead

amator - (kwo) amateur
amator-ney - (kwel) amateurish

amaxi - (modus-komo) maximally, maximally
To ve duri amaxi un ora. - It'll take no more than an hour.

amba - (kwo) amber

ambi - (inplas-kwo, kwel) both
Nu ambi pri sey kitaba. - We both like this book.
Ambi sista pri plei kun doga. - Both sisters like to play with the dog.

ambigue - (kwel) ambiguous, questionable
ambiguitaa - (kwo) ambiguity

ambision - (kwo) ambition, striving
ambisionful - (kwel) ambitious

ambrela - (kwo) umbrella see ekran, shirma
Tok Pisin

ambulansia - (kwo) ambulance

ambush - (kwo) ambush
fai ambush - lie in ambush

Amen - (exclami) Amen

America - (kwo) America (Continent)
America-ney - (kwel) American (regarding the American continent)
America-jen - (kwo) Americans (a resident of America) see USA-jen
North America - (kwo) North America
South America - (kwo) South America

american - 1) (kwo) Americans
2) (kwel) American (regarding the USA or American culture)
fama-ney american poeta - famous American poet

amiga - (kwo) friend
amigo - (kwo) male friend
amigina - (kwo) girlfriend
amige (amiga-ney), amigalik - (kwel) friendly
amigitaa - (kwo) friendship

amini - (modus-komo) minimal, at least
To ve duri amini un ora. - It'll take at least an hour.

amper - (kwo) amps (phys. magnitude of the amperage, unit: A)
shock amper - 100 amps
shi microamper - 10 microamps

amplituda - (kwo) amplitude, deflection

amusi - (zwo) amuse, entertain
amusi swa - enjoy yourself
amusa - (kwo) entertainment, pleasure, pastime
amusi-she - (kwel) amusing, entertaining

at - (konekti)indicates the object of the action
fai gola to koysa - target sth
darba to tabla - a slap on the table
wuli to luna - Howl at the moon
kansa an dwar - a look at the door
lopi kun sikin to koywan - attack somebody with a knife

anacronisma - (kwo) anachronism

analis - (kwo) analysis
analisi - (zwo) analyze

analog - (kwel) analog, accordingly
analog - (komo) analogously, analogously
analoga - (kwo) analogue, counterpart
analogitaa - (kwo) analogy, correspondence

pineapple - (kwo) pineapple

anar - (kwo) pomegranate (Fruit)
anarbaum - (kwo) pomegranate (Tree)

anarkia - (kwo) anarchy, lawlessness
anarkike - (kwo) anarchic
anarkista - (kwo) anarchist

anchun - (kwel) safe, safe
anchuntaa - (kwo) security, harmlessness

anecdote - (kwo) anecdote, funny story

anestesia - (kwo) anesthesia, narcosis (med.)

angila - (kwo) eel (zool.)

anglosaxon - (kwo, kwel) Anglo-Saxon; Anglo-Saxon

angula - (kwo) angle; corner
agude angula - acute angle
tupe angula - obtuse angle
right angula - right angle
triangula - (kwo) triangle
rectangula - (kwo) rectangle
turni angula - turn the corner

animal - (kwo) animal syn .: bestia

animi - donate (zwo) life; invigorate, stimulate
animi-ney - (kwel) animated
anima - (kwo) life, being alive
shwo kun anima - speak alive
animasion - (kwo) animation film, cartoon

anise - (kwo) anise

anjel - (kwo) angel
anjellik - (kwel) angelic, angelic

anka - (kwo) anchor
fai anka, anki - (zwo) anchor
mah-lwo anka - throw the anchor
ankilok - (kwo) anchorage

ankur - (kwo) germ, sprout
ankuri - (zwo) germinate, germinate

anonime - (kwel) anonymous

ansambla - (kwo) ensemble

anshi - (zwo) indicate, let it through
ansha - (kwo) Hint, tip

antena - (kwo) antenna

antilopa - (kwo) antelope

antipatia - (kwo) antipathy, aversion

antonim - (kwo) antonym (Word with opposite meaning)

antra - (kwo) intestines
started - (kwo) intestines

anubav - (kwo) experience
anubav-ney jen - experienced person
anubavi - (zwo) make experience, go through cf. trajivi

anunsi - (zwo) announce
anunsa - (kwo) announcement, notice

anus - (kwo) anus, anus

apparatus - (kwo) apparatus

apari - (zwo) appear, emerge, become visible see sembliAnt .: desapari
apara - (kwo) appearance, appearance, origin

distinctive - (kwel) separate, separate
special - (komo) separate, apart
separate fon otres - separated from the others

apeli - (zwo) appeal
apela - (kwo) appeal, appeal

apena - (komo) hardly

appetite - (kwo) appetite

apliki - (zwo) apply
aplica - (kwo) application
apliken (apliki-ney) - (kwel) applied
apliken fisika - applied physics

aplodi - (zwo) applaud, clap
aploda - (kwo) applause

apoga - (kwo) support, backrest, support
apogi - (zwo) support, lean
apogi on tabla - lean against the table

apoplexia - (kwo) apoplexy (med.)
apoplexike darba - Stroke also: japat

apricot - (kwo) apricot (bot.)

April - (kwo) April also: mes-char

aprobi - (zwo) agree, approve
aproba - (kwo) consent, approval

apropoo - (konekti-komo) apropos, by the way, in relation to
Apropoo, me haishi bu he lekti sey kitaba. - By the way, I haven't read this book yet.
Apropoo sey kitaba, it's ya muy interes-ney. - Regarding this book, it is really very interesting.

arabeska - (kwo) arabesque

arabi - 1) (kwel) Arabic (regarding ethnicity, language or country)
2) (kwo) Arab (person of Arab descent)
3) (kwo) Arabic (Language)

aranji - (zwo) arrange
aranji mita - arrange a meeting
Aranjen! - It's a deal!
aranja - (kwo) arrangement, settlement, agreement

arda - (kwo) earth (3rd planet)see also: Merkuri, Venus, Marsa, Jupiter, Saturna, Uranium, Neptune, Pluton
ardagloba - (kwo) terrestrial globe

ardanuta - (kwo) peanut see: arda, nuta

area - (kwo) area, area

arena - (kwo) arena

arendi - (two) rent, lease
arenda - (kwo) rent, lease
arendaguan - (kwo) rental, rental agency

aresti - (zwo) arrest, arrest
aresta - (kwo) arrest, detention

argenta - (kwo) silver (chemical element, symbol: Ag)

argumenta - (kwo) argument, proof

arhiduka - (kwo) Archduke

arigatoo - (exclami) thank you Syn .: thank you, shukran

aritmetika - (kwo) arithmetic (math.), Arithmetic
aritmetike - (kwel) arithmetically, arithmetically

arivi - (zwo) arrive Ant .: departi
ariva - (kwo) arrival

arka - (kwo) arc of a circle see raduga

arkaike - (kwel) archaic

architect - (kwo) architect
arkitektura - (kwo) architecture

arku - (kwo) bow (Weapon)
Arkuman - (kwo) Sagittarius (Constellation)

arma - (kwo) weapon
stal-arma - Cutting / stabbing weapon made of steel
agni-arma - Firearm
armas - (kwo) weapons, armor
armisi - (zwo) arm, arm
armisa - (kwo) armament, equipment
arma-dun - Loophole

army - (kwo) army
armyyuan - (kwo) member of the army

Aroma - (kwo) aroma
aroma-herba - aromatic herb
aromaful - (kwel) aromatic, full of aroma
aromike - (kwel) aromatic (chem.)

arosi - (zwo) moisten
aroser - (kwo) watering can

arpa - (kwo) harp

arsenal - (kwo) Arsenal

arta - (kwo) art
artista - (kwo) artist

artery - (kwo) artery (anat.)see jila, vena

artifisial - (kwel) artificial see jengun-ney

artikla - (kwo) article »der, die, das« (gram.)see makala

artileria - (kwo) artillery

artishok - (kwo) artichoke

arya - (kwo) Aryans, Indo-Europeans
arya-ney - (kwel) Aryan, Indo-European

as - (kwo) ace (playing card; expert)

asada - (kwo) siege
asadi - besiege (zwo), press

asembli - (zwo) collect, assemble, bring together Syn .: jami
asembla - (kwo) assembly; Meeting, gathering
general asembla - General Assembly
desasembli - (zwo) dismantle, take apart

asendi - (zwo) rise, climb Syn .: gouuparAnt .: desendi
asendi kaval - mount a horse
asendi sulam - climb a ladder / stairs
avion oltaim asendi-te - the plane kept climbing
prais asendi - the prices increase
asenda - (kwo) rise

aserti - (two) claim Ant .: negi
aserta - (kwo) assertion, explanation

asfalta - (kwo) asphalt

Asia - (kwo) Asia (geogr.)

asilum - (kwo) asylum, place of refuge Syn .: refuja

asimili - (zwo) assimilate, adapt (physiol., fig.)see similisi
asimila - (kwo) assimilation

asimuth - (kwo) azimuth (astron.)

asla - (kwo) donkey (zool.)

aspa - (kwo) quotation marks

asparaga - (kwo) asparagus (bot.)

aspects - (zwo) look, appear
Aspekti fatigi-ney - look tired
aspect - (kwo) aspect, appearance, appearance
fai aspect - pretend, pretend

aspiri - (zwo) strive, look for
aspira - (kwo) striving

asteroida - (kwo) asteroid (astron.)

astoni - (zwo) astonish, astonish
fa-astoni - (zwo) to be amazed, to be amazed, to be amazed
astoni-she, astonival - (kwel) amazing, amazing see also: ajibe, nopinchan, strane
astonem (astoni-shem) - (komo) surprisingly, surprisingly
astoni-shem jamile gela - surprisingly beautiful girl
astona - (kwo) amazement, amazement, surprise

Astrakan - (kwo) Astrakhan (geogr.)

astronomia - (kwo) astronomy
astronomy - (kwo) astronomer
astronomike - (kwel) astronomical

ataki - (zwo) attack, ambush
ataka - (kwo) attack, assault
chu-ataka - Breakout, failure

atarafi - (kwo) move / pull / go to the side see: a, taraf

ateni - (zwo) reach, catch up
ateni e sobrepasi - reach and overtake
lopi-ateni - catching up with races
raki-ateni - catching up with a vehicle
atena - (kwo) Achievements, achievements

atenta - (kwo) attention, attention, attention see chauka
fai nul atenta om koysa - pay no attention to sth
atenti - (zwo) be attentive, pay attention, pay attention
atente (atenta-ney) - (kwel) attentive, vigilant, careful
atentem (atenta-nem) - (komo) attentive, vigilant, careful.

Atlas - (kwo) Atlas (anat., geogr.)

atletika - (kwo) athletics, sport
atletike - (kwel) athletic

atma - (kwo) soul
atma-ney - (kwel) kindhearted see also: unatme
dusatma-ney - (kwel) bad, bad, bad

atmosfera - (kwo) atmosphere

atom - (kwo) atom
atom-ney - (kwel) atomic

atrakti - (zwo) put on, pull in
atrakta - (kwo) attraction
attractive - (kwel) attractive

audi - (zwo) hear, listen see also: slu
Me bu audi nixa. - I do not hear anything.
Audi ba! - Listen!
hao-audi-ke music - music that is easy to hear
bu-gwo-audi-ke - never heard before, completely unknown
also - (kwo) listening
auding - (kwo) listening; Audition, audition
audibile - (kwel) audible
audike - (kwel) auditory
audibilitaa - (kwo) audibility, volume
audisens - (kwo) sense of hearing
audimogsa - (kwo) hearing ability
fa-audi - (zwo) be heard, be audible
finaudi - listen to the end
but - (kwo) (telephone) receiver

audio - (kwo, kwel) audio, listen ..., listen ...
rekordi audio - Record sound

augusto - (kwo) August also: mes-ot
in augusto - in August

aur - (kwo) ear
aurganda - (kwo) ear wax

out - 1) (konekti-komo) out (Move)
pren kalam from posh - take a pen out of your pocket
Lai out! - Come out!
2) (konekti-komo) made from, consisting of (Material)
botela made of glass - Glass bottle, glass bottle
Me he two palas made of shamba. - I made a palace out of the room.
outside - (konekti-komo) outside, on the outside, beyond the limits of
outside dom - outside the house
Me jivi ausen urba. - I live out of town.
Sedey ye frosta ausen. - It's freezing outside today.
Be dwar bu ofni fon outside, sol fon inside. - This door doesn't open from the outside, only from the inside.
ausen-ney - (kwel) outer, external syn .: external
ausenklaida - (kwo) outerwear
ausen-taraf - outside
ausen-munda - outside world

ausjivi - (zwo) survive see: jivi
ausjiving - (kwo) survival

auskati - (zwo) cut out see: kati

auskavi - (zwo) dig out see: kavi

auskupi - (zwo) trigger, buy free, see: kupi
auskupa - (kwo) buyback, buyback

abroad - (kwo) abroad see: landa
abroad - abroad
Auslanda-ney - (kwel) foreign
foreigners, foreigners - (kwo) foreigners see gariba

auslasi - let out (zwo); Emit (sound) see: lasi

auslyu - (zwo) omit, omit, omit see: lyu

ausmorti - (zwo) extinction see: morti

express - (zwo) take out, pull out, extract see: pren

ausspiri - (zwo) exhale see: spiriAnt .: inuspiri
ausspira - (kwo) exhalation

ausyusi - (zwo) wear out, consume see: yusi
ausyusa - (kwo) wear and tear

authentic - (kwel) authentic, real
autentikitaa - (kwo) authenticity, genuineness, credibility

automobile - (kwo) car, automobile

automat - (kwo) automat
automatics - (kwel) automatically, by machine
automatikem - (komo) automatically, by machine
automatisi - (zwo) automate
automatisa - (kwo) automation

autopilota - (kwo) autopilot

author - (kwo) author

autoritaa - (kwo) authority (based on knowledge and experience) cf.mahta, potensia

hitchhiking - (kwo) Hitchhiking, hitchhiking
fai hitchhiking - hitch

avan - (komo) forward, forward (in space or time)
Avan, semper avan! - Forward, always forward!
Kan avan, bu kan bak. - Look forward, not back.
Go avan, bu turni. - Go forward, don't turn back.
Treba mah kloka un ora avan. - You should put the clock forward one hour.
avanes - (konekti-komo) before (at which point?)
avanen oli - in front of everyone
avanen kolona - in front of the column
Lu es yo dalem avanen. - He's way ahead.
May kloka es pet minuta avanen. - My clock is 5 minutes ahead.

avane - (kwel) front ..., front ...
avanpatas - (kwo) front paws
avana - (kwo) front, front also: avantarafvgl. fronta, frenta

avangarda - (kwo) avant-garde
avangarde (avangarda-ney) - (kwel) avant-garde, leading

avanpasi - (zwo) overtake, surpass

avansi - (zwo) advance, advance; promote, support
avansa - (kwo) rise, progress

avantaja - (kwo) advantage, benefit

avare - (kwel) stingy, stingy
avaritaa - (kwo) stinginess
avarnik - (kwo) curmudgeon

aventura - (kwo) adventure
dusaventura - (kwo) seedy undertaking

avenu - (kwo) boulevard, avenue

avide - (kwel) greedy
aviditaa - (kwo) greed, greed
avida (avido, avidina) - (kwo) greedy person

avion - (kwo) plane
aviondom - (kwo) hangar see: dom

avocado - (kwo) avocado

avos - (komo) hopefully, maybe
pa avos - at random, by chance

axa - (kwo) axis
axike - (kwel) axial

axila - (kwo) armpit (anat.)

ay - (exclami) Ouch! Ouch!

azure - (kwel) azure blue, sky blue


ba - (gramatika)Imperative, imperativesee bye, hay
Nu go ba! - Let's go!
Manya yu hev skola. Tayari ba yur leson! - You have school tomorrow. Finish your homework!
Ta lai ba! - He / she is coming!

badal - (kwo) cloud
gro-badal - big cloud
swate badal - black cloud
badal-ney dey - cloudy day

bathe - (kwel) bad; evil, evil compare buhao, dushte
bu bath - not bad
baditaa - (kwo) evil, evil
lucha de haotaa e baditaa - Fight between good and bad
badifi (fa-bathing) - (zwo) get worse, worsen

bagaja - (kwo) luggage
bagajadan - (kwo) luggage rack; Luggage compartment, hold
Crimean Tatar

bagula - (kwo) herons (zool.)

bahana - (kwo) pretext, excuse
bahani - (zwo) use a pretext see also: skusi
bahani-yen ke - on the pretext that

bahmal - (kwo) velvet

bait - (kwo) byte (comp., "by eight" ⇒ 8 bit)

baji - (zwo) ring the bell, ring, ring, echo; play (a musical instrument); to strike (a clock) cf. plei
baji pa dwar - to ring the door bell
Hu-ney fon zai baji? - Whose phone is ringing?
baji piano - Play the piano
baji gana pa gitara - play a song on the guitar
well - (kwo) sound, ringing
Me audi-te baja pa dwar. - I heard the doorbell ring.
bajika - (kwo) doorbell, horn, buzzer

bak - 1) (komo) back (in space or time), backwards
Go avan, bu go bak. - Go forward, not back.
Mata wud yao ke suy kindas lai bak a ela. - The mother wants her children to come back to her.
Gai pon bak olo ke yu pren. - You should put back everything you take.
al bakdao - on the way back
bakmuvi - move back
dai bak - hand back
Treba mah kloka un ora bak. - You should set the clock back an hour.
2) (komo) before, her (Time)
dwa yar bak - two years ago (two years ago)
Gro-longtaim bak ye rega. - A long time ago there was a king / queen.
beacons - (konekti-komo) behind (in which place?)
beacon dom - behind the house
Me bu vidi surya nau: it es baken badal. - Now I don't see the sun: it's behind a cloud.
Wen me lai a shulin, me bu dumi om problema. Me lyu li oli beacons in urba. - When I come to the forest, I don't think about problems. I'm leaving them all back in town.
May kloka es pet minuta beacons. - My watch is five minutes behind.
fon beacon dom - from behind the house (from the back of the house)

bakak - (kwo) frog (zool.)

bakapi - (zwo) perform backup, save data (Comp.)
bakapa - (kwo) backup, backup copy

beacon - (kwel) back ..., behind ...
bakpatas - (kwo) hind paws
baka - (kwo) back, back also: baktaraf

bakra - (kwo) goat (zool.)
gin-bakra (bakrina) - female Goat, goat
man-bakra (bakro) - billy goat

bakshish - (kwo) tip see also: rishvat

bakshwo - (zwo) reply see: bak, shwoSyn .: repliki

bacteria - (kwo) bacterium see basila

bal - (kwo) ball (dance event)

balada - (kwo) ballad

balansa - (kwo) balance, equilibrium
balansi - (zwo) balance, keep balance; outweigh, balance
balansing - (kwo) balance
balansen (balansi-ney) - (kwel) balanced, balanced

balbati - (zwo) gurgling, gurgling, splashing
ruchey balbati - the brook babbles

baldakin - (kwo) canopy

balena - (kwo) whale (zool.)

balet - (kwo) ballet

balja - (kwo) bump
balji - (zwo) bulge, swell

balka - (kwo) trunk, beam
balka dom - Log house

balcony - (kwo) balcony

balon - (kwo) balloon

balm - (kwo) balm

balut - (kwo) acorn (bot.)

bambu - (kwo) bamboo

banal - (kwel) banal, trite

banana - (kwo) banana (Fruit)
bananaplanta - (kwo) banana plant, -staff

banda - 1) (kwo) band (strip; part of a spectrum) see also: teip
banda de frekwensa - frequency band
2) (kwo) band (musical group)

bandaja - (kwo) bandage
bandaji - (zwo) bandage

bandana - (kwo) neck scarf / headscarf

bandanoda - (kwo) loop see: banda, noda

bandita - (kwo) bandit

banduk - (kwo) rifle

bangi - (zwo) burst, burst
bang! - (exclami) bang! Boom!

bani - (zwo) bathe
bani swa - have a bath
baning - (kwo) bathing
banidom (baniguan) - (kwo) bathhouse, bathhouse
banishamba - (kwo) bathroom, bathroom
banipen - bathtub

banka - (kwo) bank (financial.)see also: bencha
banker - (kwo) banker
bankayuan - (kwo) bank clerk

banket - (kwo) banquet, banquet

bao - (kwo) bag
beybao - (kwo) backpack
handabao - (kwo) handbag

baobaba - (kwo) baobab, baobab tree

bar - (kwo) bar

barak - (kwo) barracks, booths

barana - (kwo) fence
bushbarana - See hedge: bush

barba - (kwo) beard
barba-ney man - bearded man

barbarous - (kwel) barbaric, raw, cruel
barbara - (kwo) barbarian
barbaritaa - (kwo) barbarism; cruelty

barela - (kwo) barrel, barrel, vat
barelakin - (kwo) kegs

bari - (zwo) (lock) block, block
daobarika - (kwo) roadblock
barilok - (kwo) locked place

bariera - (kwo) barrier

barometra - (kwo) barometer

baron - (kwo) baron / baroness
barono - (kwo) Baron, Freiherr
baronina - (kwo) baroness, baroness

barsuk - (kwo) badger (zool.)

bartan - (kwo) household vessels, dishes
woshi bartan - to wash the dishes
bartanlemar - (kwo) cupboard

barut - (kwo) gunpowder
barut-depo - Powder chamber, powder magazine

basa - (kwo) basis, basis
basi - (zwo) establish
basike - (kwel) basically
basikem - (komo) basically, basically
sinbasa-ney - (kwel) for no reason

bazaar - (kwo) bazaar, market; Fair, fair
bazaar-ekonomia - market economy
bazaar teatra - Fair theater

bashan - (kwo) speech, lecture see also: shwosa
bashani - (zwo) give a speech

basila - (kwo) bacillus cf.bakteria

basina - (kwo) hollow, basin (geogr., geol.)

basketa - (kwo) basket
basketabol - (kwo) netball

Basta - 1) (komo) enough see also: sufi-shem
Nu hev basta pan. - We have enough bread.
Sauna bu es haishi basta garme. - The sauna is not hot enough yet.
2) (exclami) Enough! Enough!
Basta! Me bu yao audi nixa om to. - It's enough. I don't want to hear about it.

baston - (kwo) rod, rod; Crosier

basu - (kwo) bass (deep tone)
shwo pa basu - speak in a deep voice
basu-ney - (kwel) low-pitched
basu-ney vos - low-pitched voice

asked - (unisi) but
Me hev kitaba bat me bu yao lecti. - I have a book, but I don't want to read.

batali - (zwo) fight, argue
batala - (kwo) fight, quarrel
handa-batala - Melee
batalakin - (kwo) scramble

batalion - (kwo) battalion

bataria - (kwo) battery

batata - (kwo) sweet potato

bati - (zwo) (repeatedly) beat cf. darbi
bater - (kwo) baton, club; bat

tree - (kwo) tree

bavul - (kwo) suitcase

bay - 1) (konekti) with, means, through
skribi bay kalam - write with a pen
lai bay avion - come by plane
bay forsa - with strength / might / violence
bay to ke yu zwo - by what you do
ofensi bay bu shwo thank you - offend by not giving thanks
2) (konekti) of (Maker or author)
Se es two-ney bay me. - This is done by me.
kitaba bay Mark Twen - a book by Mark Twain

baya - (kwo) bay (naut.)

bayonet - (kwo) bayonet (mil.)

bethe letter B.

bebi - (kwo) baby, toddler
bebi gari - For strollers see: gari

sorry - (kwo) misfortune, distress see disasta

bedlam - (kwo) great mess, madhouse

beduin - (kwo) Bedouin

begin - (zwo) begin, begin Syn .: inisi, starti
Nu begin ba! - Let us begin!
beginsa - (kwo) beginning
in beginsa - at the beginning
ribegin - (zwo) start again

begin - (zwo) edit, process, see: gun
begun data - Process data
begunsa - (kwo) processing, processing

beje - (kwel) beige

got - (kwo) bacon

belka - (kwo) squirrel

belta - (kwo) belt
piga belta - leather belt

bencha - (kwo) (seat) bank see banka

bensin - (kwo) gasoline
bensin station - Gas station

bereta - (kwo) beret, beret

beri - (kwo) berry

beril - (kwo) beryl (miner.)

berna - (kwo) bear

esp - (kwo) devil, demon (zoomorphic creature; not Satan) see also: diabla, satan

besbol - (kwo) baseball

bestia - (kwo) animal, beast Syn .: animal
bestialism - (kwel) bestial, brutal

betel - (kwo) betel (bot.)

concrete - (kwo) concrete

bey - (kwo) back; backrest
stula bey - back of the chair
stan al bey versu koywan - stand with your back to sb
beybao - (kwo) backpack (s. Bao)

Bharat - (kwo) India also: Indias see also: hindi

bharat-europike - (kwel) Indo-European

bi - (zwo) be (am - was, it - is, ve bi - will be)
Gai bi honeste. - One should be honest.
Bi hao! - 1) Please! (Reply to thanks); 2) health! (when someone sneezes); 3) All the best! (Farewell greeting)
bia - (kwo) to be

bichi - (zwo) despise, disdain
bicha - (kwo) contempt, disregard, contempt

bifoo - (konekti) before, before (in space or time)
bifoo dom - front of the house
bifoo festa - before the holiday
bifoo ke lu en-somni - before he falls asleep
bifoo olo - especially
Woshi handas bifoo chifan! - Wash your hands before you eat!
En-stan ba bifoo me. - Get up in front of me!
bifoo-ney - (kwel) former, previous
pa bifoo-ney taim - in the old days
bifoo-dey, bifoo-aksham - (kwo) eve
bifoovati - (zwo) anticipate, anticipate
bifooen - (taim-komo) before, earlier, once
Laojen oftem shwo ke bifooen olo bin pyu hao kem nau. - Old people often say that everything was better in the past than it is today.
Bifooen nu jivi in ​​otre urba. - We used to live in another city.
pa bifooen - in advance, in advance

biftek - (kwo) beef steak

bigari - (zwo) spoil, ruin
bigara - (kwo) spoilage, damage

bigudi - (kwo) hair curlers

bik - (kwo) beak (zool.)
biki - (zwo) peck, chop
bika - (kwo) (single) pecking, chopping
biking - (kwo) peck, hoe

bikam - (zwo) will
Whether yu yao bikam leker? - Do you want to be a doctor?
Lu bikam-te fama-ney kway. - He got famous quickly.
Sun ela bikam mata. - She's going to be a mom soon.

bikini - (kwo) bikini

bikos - (unisi) because

bil - (kwo) invoice

bildi - (zwo) build, create Syn .: Konstrukti
bildi dom - to build a house
bilda, bilding - (kwo) creation
bildura - (kwo) building
bildilok - (kwo) construction site, building plot

bileta - (kwo) ticket, entrance ticket

biliar - (kwo) billiards

bilion - (kwo) trillion, 1 000 000 000 000 = 1012

am - was, were, were, were (Past of bi)
Me am dar pluri ves. - I've been there several times.

biografia - (kwo) biography
biography - (kwel) biographical
biography - (kwo) biographer

biologia - (kwo) biology
biologike - (kwel) biological
biologier - (kwo) biologist

bioteknologia - (kwo) biotechnology

bira - (kwo) beer
biraguan - (kwo) beer tavern, restaurant

birinja - (kwo) brass (metal. alloy)
birinje (birinja-ney) - (kwel) brass ...

about - (kwo) birch

bisepsa - (kwo) biceps (anat.)

bisikla - (kwo) bicycle also: baik

biskwit - (kwo) biscuit, cookie

bisnes - (kwo) trade, business (commercial activity)

bison - (kwo) bison (zool.)

bit - (kwo) bit (comp.)

bitum - (kwo) bitumen

BKAbbreviation forbifoo Krista(B.C.)

blada - (kwo) (knife, sword) blade; (Rudder, propeller) blade

blage - (kwel) blessed, blessed; charitable
blagitaa - (kwo) grace, favor; Charity

blagewanda - (kwo) pilgrimage, pilgrimage see: blage, wanda
blagewandi - (kwo) go on a pilgrimage
blagewander - (kwo) pilgrims, pilgrims

blami - (zwo) reproach, reprove cf. damni, kondamni, shatami
blama - (kwo) reproach, reproach

blan - (kwel) know
blantaa - Whites, pale

blesi - (zwo) bless
blesa - (kwo) blessing

bli - (konekti-komo) near, at, next to see also: sirke
bli may dom - at my house
bli klok char - by 4 clock
Ela zai sidi-te bli. - She sat next to it.
bli-ney - (kwel) near, neighboring
bliwan - (kwo) neighbor, fellow man

blik - (kwo) light, reflection

blin - (kwo) pancakes

blind - (kwel) blind
blinditaa - (kwo) blindness
blinda - (kwo) a blind man
blindisi - (zwo) dazzle
blindisi-she - (kwel) dazzling

blise - (kwel) near, near, neighboring
blisem - (komo) close
blisitaa - (kwo) closeness
blisejen - (kwo) close person (dear and dear friend)
blislok - around here, in this area
blisifi (fa-blise) - (zwo) approach
blisifi a koysa - approach sth
blisisi (mah-blise) - bring (zwo) closer
blisi - approach (zwo)

bliza - (kwo) lightning

blog - (kwo) blog (comp.)

blok - (kwo) block; Assembly (part of a mechanism)

bloki - (zwo) block
fa-bloki - (zwo) be blocked; be pinched
debloki - (zwo) unlock, release, release

blonde - (kwel) blond Syn .: Klarhar-ney
blonda - (kwo) blond person

blu - (kwel) blue
blutaa - (kwo) blue
clear blue - (kwel) light blue

blueta - (kwo) cornflower (bot.)

blusa - (kwo) blouse

boa - (kwo) boa (zool.)

bobina - (kwo) reel, spool

bobra - (kwo) beaver (zool.)

boh - (kwo) God (rel.)
bohina - (kwo) goddess
boh-ney, bohlik - (kwel) divine
bohmata - (kwo) Mother of God
boh-blama - (kwo) blasphemy
fai boh-blama - Commit blasphemy

bohema - (kwo) Bohème, artist world
bohema-ney jiva - artist life
bohemnik - (kwo) bohemians

bol - (kwo) ball, ball
snegabol - (kwo) snowball
bolkalam - (kwo) ballpoint pen

bolta - (kwo) (metal) bolts

bomba - (kwo) bomb
bombi - (zwo) bomb
bombing - (kwo) bombing, shelling
bombiavion, bomber - (kwo) bombers (Plane)
bombi-sha - (kwo) bombers

bona - (kwo) bean

sweet - (kwo) candy, candy

borda - (kwo) border, edge, edge; Board (Ship)
pa borda de abisma - on the edge of the abyss
bay pamaborda - with the edge of your hand
lingwa borda inter jenmin - Language borders between peoples
stata borda - State border
fule til borda