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The confused worldview of Germanic New Medicine

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Little Sighild B. is only four years old. At Christmas 2009 the child from the L√ľneburg Heath dies of multiple organ failure. The reason for this is massive hypoglycemia. Sighild B. had diabetes 1, a severe form of the disease that requires insulin injections for life.

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The girl suffered for hours

The parents, Antje and Baldur B., are made responsible for the death of their child. Two months ago, they had to face the charge before the regional court that they had not provided their child with sufficient insulin. Apparently the girl suffered for hours without her parents reacting. Sighild could barely speak, could no longer walk and was dehydrated. In a diary entry, the mother describes how her daughter was doing at the time: "In the morning I was really frightened when I saw you. You could no longer speak properly, your tongue was completely dry."

The girl's condition steadily deteriorated. But instead of taking her to the hospital, the parents followed their Christmas routine. Towards evening Sighild was hardly responsive and a little later stopped breathing in her mother's arms. The ambulance the parents called came too late.

Serious allegations

Antje and Baldur B. justify their behavior in court. Allegedly, the entire family would have had the flu at the time. With Sighild, too, they would have assumed that she was showing symptoms of flu. They did not see the danger of hypoglycaemia. The child's uncle, on the other hand, makes serious allegations against the parents. The girl's death was pointless, according to Godwin B. If she had been under medical care, she would still be alive. Sighild's parents have never seen a doctor again since they were diagnosed with diabetes. So for two years no one checked the child's insulin treatment - the parents themselves decided how much insulin the child should receive.

The uncle testifies in court. He describes that the parents were generally skeptical of conventional medicine, and that this also applied to Sighild and the insulin treatment. Above all, the mother dealt with alternative healing methods. She sought advice from the so-called "Germanic New Medicine".

Questionable attitude and methods of treatment

This teaching was invented by Ryke Geerd Hamer, a German doctor who has been banned from practicing in Germany since 1986 due to his questionable treatment methods. His message: all illnesses are based on internal conflicts. If the conflicts are resolved, the disease disappears as well, this also applies to diabetes or cancer. Conventional medicine often only harms a healing process. In Hamer's opinion, chemotherapy is particularly harmful, even fatal, for cancer. Cancer heals on its own after the conflict is resolved.

Ryke Geerd Hamer is the founder of this teaching. In Germany he has long been banned from practicing as a doctor.

In addition to these dangerous promises of healing, Hamer takes an anti-Semitic attitude. In his books anti-Jewish conspiracy theories such as these can be found again and again: "Our faithful Gutdenk people (are) directed by a Jewish government like lambs into the slaughterhouse for slaughter."

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