Teleportation is theoretically possible

How teleportation like "Star Trek" could become possible

Enormous distances happen from one second to the next without lifting a finger: The idea of ​​teleportation has been a popular one for decades, driven by a wide variety of films, video games and series such as "Star Trek". In theory, there are two ways in which this could become a reality - either a mass completely breaks down in a certain position and is reconstructed again in another, or a person is transferred in data and returned to one in the desired position physical mass transformed.

Not impossible in theory

What sounds impossible at first, as six scientists showed in 1993, at least not against the laws of physics. According to the Guardian, Chinese researchers were even able to "teleport" photons to a satellite 300 miles away last year. Specifically, they used the phenomenon of quantum entanglement, in which two photons share the same state, even if there is an enormous distance between them.

If you then change the state of one photon, the second follows - although there is no visible connection. Research is now being carried out into how this can be used to transmit information in this way. Nevertheless, the bandwidth required here to create a "Quantum Internet" would still be beyond possible for a long time, even if mankind succeeds in figuring out how atoms and later molecules could be teleported.

Massive computing power required

A 2013 study by the University of Leicester recorded how much computing power it would take to beam a person: A single cell is the equivalent of ten billion bits. Correspondingly, teleportation would require an enormous amount of data that, given the current state of technology, could not be meaningfully transmitted - the transfer would take millions of years.

In addition, it cannot be taken for granted whether one would survive the transmission at all. And should that also be solved, the question arises whether the person who disappears from x and reappears at y is still the same. In any case, the physicist Michio Kaku believes that teleportation will be possible in the next 100 years - for example, the data could be transmitted using X-rays. (red, June 12, 2018)