Why does Google Com say privacy error

FRITZ! Box 7490 service - knowledge database

If the internet browser displays a certificate warning instead of the FRITZ! Box user interface (see fig.):

When an encrypted HTTPS connection is established, the Internet browser checks the website's security certificate. Since the individual security certificate of the FRITZ! Box is unknown to third-party providers who issue such certificates, the Internet browser marks the HTTPS connection to the FRITZ! Box as unsecure.

Fig .: Chrome message "This is not a secure connection"

For access to the FRITZ! Box via the internet, we recommend access via MyFRITZ !. By using a certificate from letsencrypt.org, the internet browser does not display a certificate warning.

When accessing from the home network or using other dynamic DNS providers, confirm the certificate warning of the Internet browser. This does not result in a security risk.

  • Google Chrome

    1. In Chrome, under the Certificate Warning, click Advanced.
    2. Click on "Continue to [...] (unsure)".
  • Microsoft Edge

    1. In Edge, under the Certificate Warning, click Advanced or Details.
    2. Click on "Continue to [...] (unsafe)" or on "Load website anyway (not recommended)".
  • Mozilla Firefox

    1. In Firefox, under the Certificate Warning, click Advanced, then click Accept Risk and Continue.
  • Apple Safari

    1. In Safari, under the certificate warning, click Show Certificate.
    2. Activate the option "Always trust [...] when connecting to" and click on "Continue".
    3. Enter the password of your macOS user account and click on "Update settings".