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Friday Thoughts - Are We Modern Slaves?

Hi Guys,

it's Friday again today. So it's time again to write down my Friday thoughts about the past week.

For some time now I have been hearing from more and more people that we humans are modern slaves or wage slaves. This is of the opinion above all from the workers' corner. Until recently, I was of the same opinion. It was clear to me that the rulers up there were responsible for my being a wage slave, or a modern slave, just like most other workers.

Do you know the slave story?

I suppose you don't know the slave story. That's why I'll tell you briefly:

Many thousands of years ago, when there was no coin or gold, there were many slaves. These slaves belonged to a ruler. Because the ruler's supervision of his slaves was too laborious; he put the slaves, who had absolutely obediently been appointed as overseers over the other slaves.

There was a young man among the slaves. He was tired of doing hard work every day in the heat under the lashes. When the sun had set, he carefully talked to the other slaves in the slave camps about the unacceptable conditions. He made it clear to them that the slaves are much more human than the rulers and their overseers. He explained to the other slaves that because of their majority they can easily overcome or defeat the overseer and then overthrow the ruler.

What the young man or young revolutionary did not know; among the slaves with whom he talked about the plans for a slave revolt, there had also been an informant. This informant presented the young revolutionary's plans to his overseer. Angry, this overseer called a meeting of the other overseers. They consulted and immediately decided to inform their ruler of the events. When the ruler was among his overseers, the overseers demanded immediate consequences. There was talk of first whipping the revolutionary in front of all the other slaves and then headed him.

The ruler was very cruel, but also not stupid and therefore instructed his overseers to keep quiet and calm for the time being. In the meantime, he wanted to calmly think about what to do next. He pondered for a night:

  • If he first whipped the young revolutionary and his supporters and then had them executed; then the problem would be out of the world. First off. Only, it would not take long and there would be another revolutionary who revolted against him with his supporters. So sooner or later he would have the same problem as he currently has.
  • However, if he releases all his slaves, has gold coins minted and pays the former slaves for their services, their products and their work, then these slaves will feel free and still not really free. Ok, a few slaves will understand that if they spend as little of their earnings as possible, then they will be less bound than the slaves who spend all of their earnings.

The next morning the ruler instructed his overseers to announce to the slaves that they are now free and that they are no longer slaves. He also informed the guards that they will no longer be slaves from now on. He also apologized to the former slaves for depriving them of their rights and enslaving them. As an excuse, each former slave received a certain amount of gold coins. The ruler said to his former slaves that he would want to pay for their further work for him with more gold coins.

So it was that the former slaves volunteered for their former ruler. Did they really work freely for him? No. They worked for the ruler's gold coins, with which they could buy food or luxury items or whatever. Modern slavery was born.


After learning about this slave story at the beginning of last week, I thought about it for a long time and came to the decision that I should definitely share my thoughts on it with you.



The eternally pessimistic and dissatisfied people of you will immediately answer this question with a "yes". Until a few days ago, I would have answered this question immediately with a “yes”. Unfortunately, this question is not that easy to answer.

Let's first get to the bottom of the question of what a slave is.

- is no longer his own master

- is the property of someone else and is therefore not free

- has the status of a machine, it has a number like a machine and has to function like a machine


Why many people in the western world consider themselves slaves


People in the western world consider themselves slaves because:

- they THINK not to be their own master anymore

- they THINK and FEEL to be the property of another and therefore not to be free

- they FEEL the status of a machine, because they have a number like a machine and have to function like a machine

- It doesn't matter if you vote in the elections, every party gives you the FEELING that you don't really care about the citizens or the people

- The world and society as well as the media give them the FEELING that they are not really free


Yesterday, Thursday, November 24th, I watched the film “2 Guns“ * with my wife. I would like to keep the story very brief. A drug investigator and a Marine work undercover together as a crook team. In addition, however, each of the two does their own thing. Namely, both are supposed to pull off a bank robbery together. Then the drug investigator is supposed to arrest the marine, who he believes is a gangster. The marine in turn is supposed to kill the drug investigator, who he believes is a gangster. However, the marine cannot kill the drug agent and lets him go. His supervisor therefore wants this marine to be killed as well. Oh, the bank robbery was only supposed to steal a drug lord's safe deposit box with $ 3 million. That $ 3 million, however, turns out to be $ 43 million. Worse, the $ 43 million belongs to corrupt CIA agents. Now a wild hunt begins for both of them. The superiors of both would like to see the two dead. The CIA would like to have their money back and also ideally see both dead. The drug lord wants the money too.

Basically nice popcorn cinema.

In the film, however, there was also a very important sentence that describes our world and society very well. The CIA chief said this in the movie “2 Guns”.

The sentence of the CIA chief:
It's a free market, not a free world.


We live in a free market and not a free world

So let's come back briefly to the beginning of my Friday thoughts today. There I told you the slave story. In this story, a young slave wanted to lead a revolt against the overseers and his ruler as a revolutionary. The ruler got wind of it and decided to take the wind out of the sails of the revolutionary; by making the ruler appear to be abolishing slavery and paying gold coins to every former slave who works for him.

Did the former slaves now live in a free world? No. Because in order to secure their existence, they now had to work. They were free now, but not really free. Because their new ruler was the gold coins.

Did the former slaves now live in a free market? Yes. Because each of these former slaves now had the opportunity and chance to develop economically freely. They could let others work for them, they could only work for themselves, or they could work for others.

What does that mean? In a nutshell. Everyone has the opportunity to develop freely in our market. However, none of us lives in a free world. A free world will always be utopia. Because we humans always want the best for ourselves.


Who is enslaved by whom?
It is up to us whether we humans are the slaves of money or the monetary system, or whether the monetary system or money is our slaves.


We humans as slaves of money or the monetary system

You certainly know at least one fellow human being who says that we humans are wage slaves or slaves of corporations or business enterprises and are therefore not really free. And as I said, until recently I had agreed with that.

And as I have just shown you above, we don't live in a free world, but in a free market.

Provided you have the necessary finances; so nowadays there is nothing we humans cannot get. Even love and health are possible to a certain extent with money.

From childhood we are trained to learn a lot at school and get the best possible qualification there. Then we should learn a job that is as well paid as possible and make a career there as quickly as possible.

The crux of the matter; the more careers we make, the more money we earn and the more free life we ​​spend on the job. The more money we have, the more consumer goods we can afford. However, we are not getting younger, we are getting older. When, like me at 43, we look back at our lives in the middle of our lives; then we realize how much free life we ​​have wasted exchanging life for money. Then we are mad at companies and at society. We then do not feel free and are of the opinion that we are the wage slaves of the corporations.

However, we are not the wage slaves of the corporations, but the slaves of our money or our finances. Quite a few of us then have a lot of debts with various banks. And so on and on. I guess I don't need to tell you much about that. The whole thing frustrates us very much.

However, we humans neither recognize that we have brought ourselves into this "slavery", nor that we humans are the slaves of money or our finances.

Now I ask you; do you really want to be the slaves of your money? Do you really want to be the slaves of a money system? Or would you prefer that the money system or your money is your slave?


The money system or our money as slaves of us humans

I have just described to you how we humans allow ourselves to be made slaves through our money or our monetary system.

Why don't we humans just turn the tables? Why don't we just stop being slaves to our monetary system or our money? Why do we humans work for the money instead of having our money work for us?

If we humans stop exchanging our valuable life time for money, then we will finally feel much freer than before.

You are now definitely saying “Tom, how is that supposed to work? How should money be slaves for us and not we humans continue to be wage slaves? ”. Quite simply friends; Think about how you can create something where you can earn more money with less expenditure of time or how you can best let your existing money work for you.

Here are a few possibilities and ideas from me how you could do this and how I would like to do it:

  • invest the money in stocks and derive passive income from it in the form of dividends
  • invest the money in real estate that is rented out and receive passive income from it in the form of rents
  • Write books and then get passive income from them
  • Create websites and earn passive income with them
  • Speculate on the stock exchange with CFDs and currencies, which means that there is no passive income but a much higher income than before
  • Pursue activities with which one earns at least the same money as currently with less expenditure of time than before
  • Spend less money on consumption, because that means less money is needed and accordingly less time is exchanged for money


This brings us slowly to the end of my Friday thoughts today.

The last point is especially important. Namely, the less money we spend on consumption, the less money we need and, accordingly, we also exchange less of our valuable lifetime for money.

Today we have or we had Black Friday. Black Friday comes from the USA. What is Black Friday?

This is the name of the Friday after Thanksgiving in the USA.

What's it all about?

Thanksgiving always falls on the fourth Thursday of November. Since this Thursday is a public holiday in the USA; so the following Friday is therefore a so-called bridging day, where the shops are open but many US citizens have free. This day was introduced when the US was in a recession. The aim was to stimulate domestic consumption.


The German dealers have meanwhile also taken over this day here in Germany and make their products palatable for purchase on this day with enormous discounts.

Also in the coming weeks until Christmas, retailers will make every effort to seduce us into Christmas shopping.

It is interesting that the very people who buy huge amounts of consumer goods on Black Friday and in the run-up to Christmas, also often the people who think that they are wage slaves or modern slaves.


Closing word

Are we modern slaves today? The question is actually pretty easy to answer. It just depends on the point of view.

When we feel that the monetary system is tying us up or we are being tied up by the monetary system; yes, then we are modern slaves. Then we are humans in a not free world.

However, if we are of the opinion that we are not tied up by the monetary system and that we are exploiting the monetary system in our favor; no, then we are not modern slaves. Then we humans are in a free market.


Now I am back to the end of my Friday thoughts today.

What is your opinion that we humans are modern slaves or not?

Please tell me. I am really looking forward to it.

I now wish you a nice and free weekend.

Thank you for listening to me

Your Tom

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