Why do you believe in the moon

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      The best time of the year is starting again! There is also the LandesWelle Christmas wave to go with it. Here you can get Christmas hits and much more 24 hours a day. New this year is a cooperation between LandesWelle and the Evangelical Church in Central Germany. From December 1st to 26th we are jointly offering the web radio “LandesWelle WeihnachtsWelle”. The program, which can only be received via the Internet, is the first such cooperation between a radio station and a regional church nationwide.
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        Every month the jury of Evangelical Film Work selects the film of the month. In our film reviews, we take up these films and present them to our listeners. The jury of the Evangelical Film Work awards films that are of outstanding quality for discussion. It draws the attention of program designers, cinema owners and media managers to these films. It is an independent body. Evangelical organizations, associations and institutions appoint the members of the jury every four years; they also elect two pastors.
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        There are really good stories in many songs - which many probably don't even notice if they don't speak fluent English or just don't pay close attention to the lyrics. In the Heavenly Hits we listen more closely: We translate the lyrics and interpret what the artists tell us. Anyone who hears it will probably never hear the song again afterwards without thinking of its message - simply heavenly.
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        Bible stories for children by Meike Roth-Beck
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        Do we need a general speed limit of 130 km / h on the motorways? How does it feel to consciously go without a car, at least for a while? How can traffic become more environmentally and climate-friendly without us losing our mobility? What are the effects if we switch from gasoline and diesel to electric cars? Will more or fewer cars bring us better? Our radio reports on the subject of “New Mobility” deal with these and many other questions.
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        What are your topics? What is important to you? What criteria do you use to make decisions when it comes to complicated personal or political questions? In short, what do you think? The Church wants people to keep asking such questions. She wants to search for the answers together with the audience. That's why we say: What do you think? evangelical for you.
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What do you think? - The moon

Trump's number with the moon is hot, isn't it? He wants to build villages up there. Oops, some say, nonsense, he wants to mine helium 3. It's still too expensive, but it could be worthwhile. Top energy source. "Halt" called out one of the leading German astro-geologists. When that happens, the moon becomes a large construction site similar to the opencast mine in the former GDR or today in North Rhine-Westphalia, only 1000 times as bad. Let the moon heal.