How does Instagram affect your everyday life

How we reach the readers on Instagram in their everyday life

Up until a year ago, the BNN's Instagram account was primarily a photo channel with images from the region that made people feel at home. More news, service and real-time topics have been added. “These are the things that we do best as a media company, and that's what we concentrate on,” say the social media editors Tanja Starck and Nils Horst, explaining their daily work.

They are supported with videos, photos and graphics by Tanja Mori Monteiro, Christian Bodamer and Rake Hora. But also from colleagues on site in the editorial offices and from many readers who send in their pictures.

In the past year alone, the number of followers more than doubled. The reasons: Corona and the increased need for news. “People are more at home, have more questions and read more,” says Tanja Starck.

Helpful, emotional and funny messages are particularly popular.
Tanja Starck, social media editor

While there were around 13,000 people who followed the account at the beginning of 2020, there are now over 30,000. "Helpful, emotional and funny messages are particularly popular, but everything to do with home in the form of photos, videos or the language course 'Badisch for Beginners' is also popular," says social media expert Starck, who has been working for four years is in the company. Two years later, Nils Horst joined the social media team.

What is also noticeable: Weather phenomena such as Sahara sand, all kinds of snowfall, flooding, sunrises and sunsets and rainbows cannot be enough. They are real favorites in the Instagram feed. As well as animal stories, for example about the Murgtäler Wolf or the golden jackal in Rastatt.

But even serious topics can become an emotional reading highlight if they are well prepared, such as an Instagram series of posts on the subject of death - for example portraits of two corona deaths.

With the Corona update, we have found a format to provide people with compact information about the most important rules and changes in the pandemic.
Nils Horst, social media editor

In addition to the latest news and pictures, there are also fixed formats in the Instagram feed, such as the weekly review, which summarizes important news of the week. The pandemic created another format.

Graphics for the respective current Corona regulation offer a quick overview of the rules on the smartphone - often accompanied by quotes from politics. "With our corona update, we have found a good format for informing people compactly about the most important rules and changes in the pandemic," says Nils Horst.

BNN readers are also interested in a map of the current corona numbers on Instagram

By the way, social media is not a question of age for the team. The 40-year-old Starck is herself the oldest in the publisher's online editorial team. She also likes to take a look at the numbers and they show how important it is to be where the readers move in everyday life. Many followers keep taking their cell phones to hand and so you can quickly find yourself in everyday life, for example in public transport or in front of the television.

On average, the followers are between 18 and 54 years old. Many come from Karlsruhe, the headquarters of the publishing house. But also from Bruchsal, Pforzheim, Achern, Rastatt - wherever the editorial colleagues deliver content from.

In addition to images and videos in the feed, there are also stories. The daily Instagram news stories, which summarize the most important topics of the day and are sometimes published as breaking news to keep Instagram followers up to date, are particularly popular.

"If, for example, the Karlsruhe Südtangente or the A5 are closed after an accident, our readers want that information quickly," says Horst. For a few weeks now, a corona card has also been added to the news offer. It shows what the pandemic situation is like in the BNN area.

Readers expect a completely different news experience on Instagram.
Tanja Starck, social media editor

But also on-site stories about the vaccination centers, the open construction site day for the combined solution, the Bambi award in Baden-Baden or the ceremony “125 years of KSC” are stories that reach many people and have a great response . For example, a reader first learned from a story from Achern that “Click & Collect” was allowed by the state government.

What do you notice? “Readers expect a completely different news experience on Instagram,” says Starck. By this she means that in addition to images and videos, reader interaction is also required. For example, through surveys, quiz variants or the possibility that readers can ask questions directly and expect an answer. The canal is not a one-way street.

An advantage that arises from this for reporting: Readers can bring in their perspectives in real time. The team notices how quickly feedback occurs at the latest when a typing error slips into a story created on the mobile phone. An example: “Instead of spit protection, there was something in a story about 'spook' protection. Many followers were enthusiastic about this and sent us countless ghost emojis, ”says Starck.

“We answered all inquiries with a laugh. And the users also had their fun. ”Being authentic is particularly important on Instagram and the followers are happy about the approachable BNN social media team.

Many videos and stories for the Instagram account are currently not working because of the pandemic

Without the support of the numerous authors and photographers, the social media team would not be able to use its Instagram channel in such a varied and regular manner. "Bringing the broad range of topics in a newspaper and particularly exciting, curious or added-value topics into focus is great fun every day," says Tanja Starck about her motivation.

"And if readers feel that they are just as addressed by a topic, save it as a reminder or share it and keep telling it, that is the best confirmation of our work." More and more readers are now saving the feed content so that they can be found again later.

The team is always happy to have new followers. These come into contact with the content via the Discover page in the social media app, for example.

Users can also use a specific hashtag or place marker to discover the BNN on Instagram who may not have had any contact with the publisher before or know the newspaper from the kitchen table at home with their parents or grandparents, but have not yet seen news today through their parents Bribe cross-mediality.

Incidentally, the account for “Das Fest” was launched in 2016 in the Günther Klotz facility in Karlsruhe. The publisher always shows a large presence at the festival and so the event in the Günther-Klotz-Anlage became a digital playground in the years that followed: "We always tried a lot over the days of the event," says Horst.

Even more videos are to be used in the future. This is currently a bit difficult because of Corona. But there will definitely be a glimpse behind the scenes of the Badische Neuesten Nachrichten, and the social media team is also hoping for reading events like Instawalks. In addition, the team wants to collect reader photos under the hashtag “badenful”, which can also be shared on the BNN channel.

Participating is very easy: post a picture with #badenful on your own account and preferably mark the BNN Instagram account. The BNN team regularly checks which pictures are under the hastag and selects suitable photos.