What are good ideas for online courses

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There are many ideas - but are they really profitable?

I present to you 13 examples in which I see the potential for at least 6-digit annual sales.

Grab a pen and paper and get inspired! Maybe you will get this today brilliant idea for your own successful online course.

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The online course ideas at a glance

Idea # 1: Social Media Online Course

In order to be able to use Instagram, TikTok, YouTube or LinkedIn properly, many people are looking for the right online course. The potential on the market is still huge!

Example: From 2018 to 2020, I achieved sales of € 817,000 with my Instagram course alone - and the trend is growing rapidly.

Possible niche topics: Instagram design, video content, branding

Idea # 2: mom and family issues

My customer, Juli Scharnowski, successfully launched a course on self-care for mums.

Further topic ideas: childbirth preparation, desire for children

Idea # 3: Hashimoto online course

My student Hannah Hauser had this mega-idea. Health topics hold huge potential.

You can check that: Are there other health topics in which there are hardly any courses and which fit your know-how?

Idea # 4: healthy eating / losing weight

2 wonderful examples from my community:

Patricia from Vegan Stars recently launched her vegan nutrition course.

Anna Reschreiter's niche is nutrition according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Idea # 5: Vegetable garden online course

Marie Diederich has turned her hobby into a full-time job and is now showing her customers how to be successful in the garden.

Learning: Hobby topics also work if the target group is large enough!

Idea # 6: Watercolor painting online course

My customer Nini from Detailors earned 10,000 euros with her first launch!

This shows that artistic topics also have a lot of potential.

Idea # 7: dog training

Lisa Stolzlechner is part of the Success Course and offers online puppy training.

19 percent of households in Germany have dogs, 23 percent have cats - huge potential!

Idea # 8: dating

Marina Mernke from Frag Marie offers a course on the motto “No more single!” at.

You are sure to think of other topics related to love, relationships and dating.

Idea # 9: online negotiation course

"I can't negotiate at all!" On the other hand, Lyubov alias Frau negotiates something with her online course. She'll teach you how to finally get the salary you deserve.

Learning: Online courses in the field of careers have great potential!

Idea # 10: photography

Hobby photography, children photography, product photography, animal photography, portrait photography, ... The list goes on and on!

My customer Katja Heil achieved a turnover of € 25,000 with her photography course and thus built up a sustainable second pillar.

Idea # 11: fitness / sport

My customer Alexa Katharina has successfully launched her Yogastrong yoga online course.

Further topic ideas: Dance, juggling, training with your own body weight, billiards, ...

Idea # 12: finance

Jenny Dressel has chosen a super profitable field with the topic "Shares and Depots".

Many other topics can be found around retirement provision and investments!

Idea # 13: makeup

The majority of women use make-up every day: So the target group is huge!

Tina Follmann has launched an online course on the subject of "building a successful make-up artist business part-time".

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