Where are smartphones made

Where the phones of any brand are made - Europe, America or China

The cellular market doesn't stop growing and expanding to offer us all kinds of alternatives and while many believe that all cell phones come from the same place, the truth is that there are important changes in the internet Places of origin of every mobile brand . With the intention of informing you whether your mobile phone comes from Asia, the European continent or America, we will inform you of the place of manufacture.

We have to keep in mind that while a mobile brand may be from a specific country, there may even be some sensors inside, a processor, or other types of hardware parts that are from a different country and not just made in a different, remote headquarters . This makes it possible to fuel global growth and ultimately, users can have that best technology from all parts of the world on our smartphone.


Which phones are made in Europe?

We start by reviewing brands in our continent that we have already told you about that are not a place that is specifically known for Manufacture of smartphones although it has its representatives. Unfortunately we do not have a globally recognized brand for Spain. The manufacturer BQ, which has grown so much in our country, no longer exists as such and has been moved to Vietnam to change its name and shape.


The only prominent mobile brand that we can find in Europe has the Dutch seal. In the Netherlands this curious cellphone brand is born trying to design and manufacture their smartphones with the same possible impact on the environment.


The well known Nokia would be the most popular brand on the European continent, but still really lately ceased production of its terminals in Finland . In 2016 it was handed over to Foxconn, based in Taiwan, which is currently responsible for manufacturing the devices there.


Alcatel's history also began in Europe. It is headquartered in France and later relocates production with TCL to Shenzhen, China.

Cell phones made in Asia

The Asian continent is where most cell phones are made on the planet. You have become the best representative of the technology and keep showing your potential. Good results and low prices are hallmarks of the house with which they reach every corner of the world with the manufacture of cell phones. The most specific is the advertising in the Chinese country, which has managed to make the Made in China brand a benchmark.


The leading manufacturer of smartphones Samsung is based in South Korea, particularly in the city of Seoul. However, the manufacture of Samsung phones decides between Vietnam, India, Brazil, South Korea and Indonesia.


The big Chinese brand does not need any presentations and is headquartered in Beijing, a city in the Chinese country. The company focuses its production in China, but also works with brands around the world to shape the products of its ecosystem and smartphones. India is one of the places where you assemble devices and bring your smartphones to life.


Another company that manufactures its cell phones in China and more precisely in Shenzhen. The big brand is based in the same city, but like others is expanding production across the Asian continent with certain components and in India in particular. It used to have bigger business with the United States, although this was limited due to restrictions and now its own country is the one that has the most resources for manufacturing.


In this case, OPPO is headquartered in Dongguan, a city in China where the cell phones used today come to life. A large part of global production is concentrated here, without losing sight of the cooperation with manufacturers from all over the world.

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The OPPO The sub-brand shares a headquarters with OPPO and a production site. Dongguan in Canton Province is where the company was founded and managed to reach our country.


Huizhou is the city where TCL has its headquarters and production center, although it has been associated with Canada for years because it developed the famous BlackBerry.


The vivo company begins to gain a foothold with its first mobile phones in Europe and particularly in Spain. The one from China was born in Dongguan and grew up where production continues to grow.


The second largest manufacturer in South Korea is LG, headquartered in Seoul, and transports its mobile phones around the world. A manufacturer that has branches in large parts of the world, but is increasingly concentrating its production on the Asian country.


In this case, Tokyo is where Sony brings its phones to life and has its headquarters. The manufacturer builds its components and cell phones all over Asia and also has some departments in India.

America's Cell Phones

We come to the American continent, where apple stands out for its presence above the others. However, contrary to what many think. The presence in America is not very high when it comes to developing cell phones that could even make it possible to switch many continent brands if it weren't for head office.


The iPhones that we can find in the market are made under Foxconn concentrates its production in Zhengzhou (China). Nevertheless, Apple maintains partnerships around the world and tries to give the USA a special relevance for development.


The Motorola brand is headquartered in Schaumburg, USA, where it assembled legendary cell phones until a few years ago. However, the place where she develops her phones is mostly in India.


Based in Mountain View, California, although until relatively recently production was concentrated in China. Now Google Pixel development has shifted to Vietnam, where we saw the last Google Pixel 5 there.