What are different forms of internet advertising

INTERNET ADVERTISING - How you can win targeted customers over the Internet!

Has been since the turn of the millennium Internet advertising is becoming increasingly important won and will in all probability overtake first place after the previous front runner television in the next few years. Already now, in 2018, it will no longer apply round a third of the global advertising budget on digital channels.

With increasing digitalization and more and more people who are at least mobile connected to the Internet worldwide, will this trend further strengthen. Already today hardly any company can afford it, not to place at least part of their advertising online.

Why you shouldn't be an exception here, and what advantages internet advertising offers you as an entrepreneur, you can find out on this page.

The advantages of internet advertising:

    • Particularly long range: Online Marketing and Internet Advertising are becoming more and more important. Not least because more and more people are on the Internet (society has already changed a lot and will continue to change!). Think about your family, friends and acquaintances or yourself, how often people surf, order and shop on the Internet. We all use the internet every day!
  • Internet users also include your target group and thus your potential customers. These can be addressed directly with targeted advertising measures. Your budget is not wasted on completely disinterested (and therefore unresponsive to your advertising message) groups of people. Depending on which media your target group prefers to use, on which platforms they are active or what preferences they share. True to the principle "Every little animal has its own little treat!", your advertising messages can be targeted to them via the appropriate channels. In contrast to classic forms of advertising, internet advertising has hardly any wastage to be recorded and is therefore in comparison to these particularly efficient.

The success of your internet advertising can be easily checked with fairly easy-to-use tools such as Google Analytics.

    • The costs for internet advertising late each other exactlycalculate and scale. The success (or failure) of the measures exactly monitor. These analyzes can be used to expand successful forms of advertising and discontinue unsuccessful ones. The days when advertising was (at least in part) money thrown out of the window are long gone (luckily for you). In order to advertise successfully, you only need 2 things today: A strategy that is optimally tailored to your company and the right tools to implement it.
  • The Range Your ads can also not only be set exactlybut is also extremely big. In Germany, around 90% of the population aged 14 and over use the Internet at least occasionally. That means with a single ad you could in principle reach over 60 million people, into the most remote corners of the Federal Republic and across all age groups and population groups. Which daily newspaper, billboard or even television station can offer you a similar range.

To advertise online, you are at your disposal different types of internet advertising to disposal. We have briefly summarized the various forms of online advertising, including their advantages (and disadvantages), below.

This list gives you an overview of the various online advertising formats, and also, which of them best suited for you and your business are.

  • Banner advertising: The Internet advertising classic and almost as old as the Internet itself. Very often used because it is in principle inexpensive, but at the same time with a lot low click and conversion rates. It is therefore only suitable for use on very busy sites. These top dogs, of course, have their services paid accordingly. In this way, the cheap form of banner advertising can quickly turn into money.
  • Email Marketing: Especially suitable for you if you have one accordingly large address list with high quality Email recipients feature. If this is not the case, you still have the detour via cooperation partners or so-called affiliate marketing.
  • Affiliate Marketing: With this form of advertising Your advertising partners usually receive a percentage that is from youmediated sales. Such referrals or recommendations can be made in a number of ways. These can be links in blog posts, videos on YouTube or postings on social media platforms. As mentioned earlier, this largely depends on the preferences of your target audience.
  • Social Media Marketing: Here you can either organic (by building a loyal following) or paid Reach your target audience (via ads or working with influencers who already have a following). What kind of social media marketing is suitable for you essentially depends on whether or not you are able to produce enough interesting content yourself.

Search engine advertising or SEA (Search Engine Advertisement) z. B. Google AdWords is just one of many forms of Internet advertising.

  • Search engine advertising or SEA (Search Engine Advertising): Here, you created (and tailored to special search queries) Text ads in search results displayed by search engines. The largest provider is here Google with its AdWords, but there are far more providers. Especially in other regions of the world, such as B. Baidu in China. With more than 1 billion people, it's not a small market either. As Lately more on meta search engines, like the search function of large online retailers (Amazon) or price comparison sites.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): This is understood to mean the optimization of your website (or videos, graphics) for search engines so that it occupies particularly good positions in search queries that are important to you. A professionally carried out search engine optimization usually not only requires a variety of different measures, but also one certain time. In return, they are Results also special sustainable and usually long-lasting.
  • Search engine advertising (SEA) and search engine optimization (SEO) will be collectively referred to as search engine marketing (SEM).
  • Video Marketing: Your advertising message is presented in the form of videos on your website or on other websites. The videos can be embedded in other forms of content, such as text, or uploaded directly to video platforms. The largest of its kind is YouTube, and so is a form of video marketing YouTube advertising.

Now that you know what types of Internet advertising are basically available to you, it is now up to you the optimal form of internet advertising for you to select. Not only factors such as prices or costs should play a role here, but above all the consideration of which channels are best suited for you in order to reach your target group with your offers in the best possible way.

The expenses for online advertising usually come back to you (several times) if you go along with it the two basic rules already mentioned "Creation of an optimal strategy and efficient tools for the implementation of this" consider.

Just as there are many roads leading to Rome, there are also many roads leading to first place. The decisive factor for success is therefore to choose the one that suits you.

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