Why do you need a padlock

Noke: the smart padlock

Smart door locks have been around for a long time. What has been missing so far, however, are locking devices away from the home and office, which are uncomplicated, independent of electricity, but just as smart. Voilà, here you have it - the Noke!

No key, no problem. The name of this product is derived from this word - no problem without a key: The Noke is a padlock for which you no longer need a key - at least not a physical one.

Secure registration

You don't even have to pick up your smartphone to open and close it once the lock is configured. But first you download the free app and register with your email address and password. (Some security questions ensure that even if you forget your password, you can identify yourself as a customer via the Noke server without any doubt and thus still open your lock.) Then the connection to the smart bolt takes place via Bluetooth, which Noke (every copy has) via a unique serial number) is bound to the user and "baptized".


Different opening methods

In the app you can now specify how the lock can be opened. Either with a Morse-like click (the bracket is pressed between eight and 16 times long or briefly) or with a fingertip on the smartphone. The range from which the lock opens is also variably adjustable.

Pass on the key

The Noke not only offers the possibility to manage several locks, but also to transfer locking rights to other users. A friend wants to take your bike to you that you left with him in the evening? No problem with this chic lock! Of course, you can simply withdraw this access right again.


Insensitive and robust

The noke is not only nice to look at, it also reliably seals. With a bracket 8 millimeters thick, a weight of 320 grams and a hardened steel housing, it can withstand a lot. In the same way, it can be used in a temperature range of -23 to + 65 ° C both in the winter cold in the tool shed and in the summer heat in a workshop. The button battery inside supplies the Bluetooth receiver and the unlocking mechanism with power for around a year.


Not for nerds, just practical

The idea is good, as is the implementation. The padlock without a key is one of the inventions the world has actually been waiting for.

If you want to buy the Noke for 74.95 euros, you can find it here in the Coolstuff.de shop.